Does it matter how much your bag costs?

They almost never have discounts, but the welfare of many fashion houses is held on this accessory. Guess what are we talking about? About bags. Designer brands have long been speculating on the price of this thing and do not hesitate to sell popular models at the price of an old foreign car. How do they manage it and why is the bag today a cult object, and not a banal device for carrying the necessary items?

The prerequisites for the cult status of the bag originated in the late XIX - early XX century, when this accessory accompanied the most important changes in the lives of women. With the growth of emancipation, women got more and more rights in their hands, and accordingly, more and more items: at first it was their own money and papers, then cigarettes and cosmetics, and later the keys to a personal car. And if now all these little things are the norm, then they were considered symbolic subjects of pride. And if you had them in stock, then you absolutely had to demonstrate this to others. How? Using a handbag.In those velvet clutches in the 20s, embroidered with feathers and pearls, which we admire in fashion museums today, women took care of the treasures of their independence - a new independent life, whose emblems no longer fit into a single pocket on a full skirt.

Over the years, bags have changed hundreds of shapes, sizes and materials. And they were also becoming more expensive up to the cost of drawing by some fashionable artist, forcing their customers, hypnotized by luxury, to forget that they were just buying a “container” for carrying personal belongings, and not an “eternal” work of art. And here, many fashion editors will start arguing with us: aren’t bags the items of art? They even have their own graph in the list of auction items at Sotheby’s and Christies fairs, and one well-known bag has already managed to set its record at auction — it went under the hammer for 380 thousand dollars. And who could it be if not desired by everyone Hermes Birkin ?!

Hermès bag

Hermès Bag ($ 8100)

Louis Vuitton Bag

Louis Vuitton Bag (€ 3681)

One can and should talk about bags in a banal way, but it doesn’t work out at all - this subject is full of stories, meanings, cults and associations. Imagine a lady who puts several tens of thousands of rubles for a classic and not striking Prada medium-sized travel bag.After all, all that she put there, could safely fit in a dense plastic bag for 10 rubles, well, or a small canvas bag with a print from IKEA for 150 rubles, which are now so popular with European youth. Why does she pull out a bank card exactly when the very same thing - infinitely expensive for just a leather bag - things? Because, in addition to its function of transporting items, the bag carries another important mission for many decades in a row - it demonstrates the taste, wealth and social status of its owner.

Prada bag

Prada Bag (€ 1765)

Gucci bag

Gucci Bag (€ 1980)

And what do you think, what tricky sales consultants in boutiques look first of all? On the bag just entered the room client. Note also that most women who do not show any interest in fashion and are indifferent to trends, bag still pick themselves with special care and can wear a stretched sweater and trousers not in size, but the bag under the arm will still be moderately classical - square, without visible pockets, from a pleasant-looking leatherette and in the base colors. And try to go to the sites that have multiplied now as mushrooms after the rain for the sale of used designer clothes:A sweater with a big name on the tag will cost you a maximum of 100 euros, but the bag will be at least 700, even if it is a collection of the past or the year before last. And what is there in them, if the twin bags look like on the shelves of Zara and Topshop for a much more adequate amount? But the latter do not bring such a feeling of satisfaction, right?

Zara bag

Zara Bag (2,599 rubles)

Topshop bag

Topshop bag (2 685 rub.)

In the bags there is something demonic, because, despite the fact that clothes and shoes seem to be closer to the body, the bag is still closer to the character, to the true essence, to the individuality. She is “read” by the future mistress in the shop window, and after paying the check, this hostess wants her bag to be “read” now. This is such a non-verbal way of communicating with the world - through a bag, tattoos, jewelry. And brands earn on this, because they make not just a new bag, but a psycho-type - a model to follow in leather and metal fittings. Your second “me,” which follows step by step first. And God forbid it to lose - some will definitely get upset more than from the loss of a smartphone, because the bag has no backups, no memory cards. It is the same as its owner, the object of admiration in the singular.

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