Does the desire to learn grow a growing school desk?

Many modern children have problems with the desire to learn well. Parents, trying to spur interest, in every possible way try to attract a child with gifts, awards, and various rewards. “If you get“ excellent ”in the control, then I will buy you a game disc,” says the mother of her daughter, thinking that this way she awakens her daughter’s desire to learn well. Not at all, this is not a motivation, but just a deal, where the mark is loose change in the child’s desire to get a game disc. The girl will not experience pride in a well-executed control, she will be glad that she has thus reached her goal - she received the disc.

Praise and recognition of his academic achievements can really motivate a child to succeed. It is necessary to notice the success of the child, but the “dose” of praise should be proportionate to the achievement. If a child has done significant work, a lot of effort has been expended to learn the material,and then he answered the teacher's questions correctly, he deserves to receive an appropriate assessment from the teacher and boast for his efforts from the parents. When a student fails to study, and he is exaggeratedly praised, he will feel it and who knows if he will try harder later or stop believing in the sincerity of his parents towards himself.

Almost all mothers are convinced that their child is the most talented and intelligent, so they are aimed at providing the child with all the benefits that, in their opinion, should encourage the child to do even better. He will have the best computer,a growing desk, a telephone and other things that are considered cool and advanced by modern children. Parents are ready to give the child everything and provide all his desires, whims, and in return they do not always receive the expected good grades, behavior, etc. Why is this happening and how to change the situation, how to get out of this endless race in circles around grades and things, for success in school and the desires of children, not at all connected with studies? The child must understand that the phone is a new model is not an indicator of his mind.And it will be very unfortunate if his endeavors in his studies cease immediately with obtaining the desired thing. It is necessary to go beyond these limits, and even better - do not begin to stimulate children with material rewards, turning themselves into a sort of blackmailers, extorting good grades.

The child should receive joy and pleasure from their success. The ability to enjoy personal achievement lies in every person, in the brain, which produces a special substance, provoking to experience happiness when something happens. But when it does not work out something, to understand, the person is upset, the level of this substance is reduced and increased, it is impossible to stimulate production with the promise of fulfilling any desire.

So it turns out that fashionabledesk demican help relieve the muscle strain experienced during classes. It will be good if the student does not feel discomfort while sitting and can concentrate on the task. But furniture cannot help to feel happiness from victories in school, as no other thing can.

Praise, recognition - this is the "dope" that a child needs, and any adult to be successful.This feeling cannot be replaced by any other, and if your student understands how great it is to achieve something, if you praise him for his achievements and aspirations, efforts and efforts, you will not need more imaginary incentives in the form of gifts, concessions, wish fulfillment and so on.

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