Doing with your own hands

Construction of the park can be done from any available material. For its construction will fit both the old window frames and the remnants of the boards. If there are no frames, you can scrape the boards, fasten them with metal corners and pull the film over the top. The film protects the seedlings well, it can not be broken and in case of damage it is easy to replace. Glass is still better to let the sun's rays and longer retains heat.

A single-rolled greenhouse has a slope of 7-10 degrees, so you need to choose a place for it so that this slope is to the south. With this arrangement, seedlings will receive more light.

Then you need to determine the size of the sides of the box. For greens and stunted vegetables, a height of 15-16 cm on one side will suffice, on the other 24-25 cm, if desired, you can increase the height to 1 meter. When increasing the height, one should not forget that one of the sides should be 10-20 cm more than the other.

The length and width of the greenhouse depends entirely on the size of the frame.With the help of hinges, the frame is attached to the box, and in order to keep it easily open, the outer side is fixed with metal brackets. When the greenhouse needs to be ventilated, wooden supports are sucked into the brackets by the upper ends.

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