Doodle peace dove from paper with your own hands

A white dove is a symbol of peace on Earth - a bird, which, according to legend, once brought good news that the land is already close. After showing the children a master class on the topic “How to make a pigeon out of paper with your own hands”, be sure to tell them what this bird personifies.

An interesting pigeon made of paper with your own hands can be made with the help of a cardboard cylinder, on which rolls of toilet paper or disposable towels are wound.

 Dove of peace from paper with your own hands

Dove of peace from paper with your own hands

It turns out pretty no stable and convenient stand. In addition to the cylinder, you will need:

  • sheets of thick white paper and white paper thinner;
  • white feathers;
  • St. George Ribbon (if you want to time the crafts Victory Day);
  • corrugated cardboard (green and brown);
  • black marker;
  • simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • clerical glue or PVA.

Let's go!

Put in front of a cylinder.If necessary, shorten it with a sharp stationery knife.

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