Foam dragon

The following materials and tools will be needed to manufacture the dragon: polyurethane foam, wire, pearl buttons for eyes, newsprint paper, white paper napkins or white single-layer toilet paper, PVA glue, white emulsion paint, yellow and blue Kohler, soldering iron, knife, large emery paper , brushes of different widths (not more than 5 cm), capacity for glue. 1. First you need to make a wire frame. The wire for each part of the body is bent separately, and then, interconnected by twisting, and then fixed in some places with a soldering iron. Once the frame is ready, you need to apply the first layer of foam and wait for it to dry.
 make wire frame
2. Next, put on the figure another 2-3 layers of foam, of different thickness, focusing on the future appearance of the dragon: more in the chest, hind legs, base of the tail. When all the foam layers are well dried, cut the excess with a knife, giving the figure a streamlined shape.If something is cut off, you can again zapenit. Then process with sandpaper.
3. Treat the workpiece with white glue. Dilute the glue with water in a container in a ratio of 1: 2. Pieces of newsprint, soaked in the solution, paste over the dragon, seeking to level the surface. Thus apply several layers. 4. Head modeling is better to start with the eyes. On the sides to stick (or paste) buttons. From the impregnated newsprint, flagella are twisted and fixed on the undiluted glue in the form of the upper and lower eyelids. The transitions are also smoothed with pieces of paper. In the same way, the nostrils of the upper and lower jaws are modeled. For the horns, the pieces of wire are wrapped with a cone soaked in flagella, fixed with glue and stuck into the head. Then they are also strengthened and aligned with pieces of paper.
 Head modeling
5. For wings (both small and large) you will need to make a frame. Piece of wire fan and fasten with a soldering iron. The free ends of the wire are also connected with each other by curved arcs. Solder.On large wings, solder 2 pins, on which they will be subsequently attached to the body. On small enough one. Wrap the frame with toilet paper and saturate it well with white glue with a brush. After drying, gently glue the wings on all sides with soaked newsprint. It takes several layers, each of which must dry out. Ready wings to stick in the trunk. Fix and align the joints with paper.
 make framework for wings
 should dry
6. Thorn should be stuck along the tail. They are made the same way as the horns, and then stuck into the figure, fixed and aligned.
 Color the Dragon
7. To paint the dried dragon with white paint in 2 layers. When the paint dries well, dilute the color in individual containers, achieving the desired color saturation. Color the dragon, leaving white whites of the eyes.
 Dragon from foam
 Dragon from construction foam
Dragon from construction foam is ready!
>img src="" alt="Dragon from mounting foam" title="Dragon from mounting foam">

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