Dream Interpretation: dreamed keys

How to decipher a dream in which the key dreamed? Decipher the signals of the subconscious sleepers help.

Female dream book

The keys in the dream act as a symbol of life changes. If you have found the keys, joyful events will happen in the family, things will go uphill and all the family members will get along with each other. Forget where the keys are put - to unpleasant worries.

The key has broken in his hand - he has to be separated from a loved one, perhaps he will be seriously ill. If in a dream a young girl lost her keys - you need to be alert, her reputation is in danger. If she sees that she has closed the door with a key - she will soon get acquainted with a life partner, such a dream is seen for the wedding.

Idiomatic dream book

According to this dream book, the keys are an auspicious sign - a dream means access to secret knowledge, to the secrets of other people. Also, the keys act as a symbol of solutions, problem solving, wish fulfillment.

Modern dream book

The key symbolizes your commitment in all areas of life. If you find the keys, well-being will come to your family life.Lost the key - to problems in the service, to see the key, but not to be able to take it - they will gossip about you. For family people, the auspicious symbol is to see the keychain. To dream about the keys of precious metal - gold, silver - to get acquainted with an important figure, a public figure.

Love Dream

Unlocking the door with a key - to a new acquaintance, which will quickly grow into a novel, close the door of your house with a key - you will meet a person who will become your destiny. Give someone your keys - miss your chance in love. To lose the key to the jewelry box, to the jewelry box, to a quarrel with a loved one.

If a woman sees the keys in a dream - she learns someone else's secret, which will not be easy to keep. To see two or three keys - your problems have several solutions, but because of the fuss you cannot see them. To see the key sticking in the lock - unexpected circumstances will prevent your plans. Self-insert the keys into the lock - cope with all the troubles.

Dreamed car keys - you will find joy, dear gift. You have been entrusted with the keys to someone else's apartment - your friends greatly value you.Hold the keys to a new apartment, at home - if the family has a sick person, he is moving towards recovery.

Give your keys to someone - jeopardize your reputation in society, give the keys to the deceased - to the disease. To hold the key, but not to know what it is from, there will soon be unexpected, but significant changes in your life. If you dreamed of keys in a bundle - you will be able to earn

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