Dream Interpretation: to see the president in a dream

Your subconscious that night was so unpredictable and original that in a dream you saw the president of your country? This fact itself is so unusual that I just want to know why the president dreams.

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What is the president dreaming of?
What is the president dreaming of?

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you just ended up at a meeting or in a place where the president is present, then this is a good sign that promises success, but if you talk to him in a dream, then you have to give up on something. But if you yourself - the president, then you expect difficulties, most likely with health, but there may be others.

Esoteric dream book

You clearly see the president, talk to him and even feel him - you should not follow the political situation so vigorously and worry about the events taking place. If you do not know the president who is acting, then in your life you expect some pretty interesting news. You see yourself in the presidency - it is better to restrain your ambitions in life, their excessiveness will not bring you any benefit.

The dream of the medium Hasse

To see the president in a dream - to the troubles in life, being in the same environment as him - you will be disappointed in something.

Sonic Fedorovskoy

Trouble and disorder of plans in the business sphere - this is what the president dreams about. And if you yourself take his place, especially sitting in his chair - before zealously defending your opinion, listen to the advice of a wise man. You see the presidential election - this dream will give you a chance to improve your position. An attempt was made on the head of state - beware of envious people, they will try to slander you in front of your loved ones.

Dream Dream Sherminskoy

The dream in which the president is involved is the way out through the subconscious of your leadership qualities and aspirations.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

To see the president in a dream and to communicate with him - you are in for a major disappointment, be yourself the president in a dream - beware, this dream foreshadows an accident.

What else can dream such an image?

This may indicate that the case for which you undertook in real life, you obviously can not afford.

Also, a vision can mark an early reassessment of one’s opinions and opportunities. Beware of taking on tasks you cannot complete.

In the dream, you shook the hand of the president - you will have an extremely useful acquaintance.

If you are not familiar with the acting president, then the words spoken by him will play a greater role for you.

Changing heads of state represents change in your work.

Another dream with the president makes a hint that watching political affairs, you lose sight of personal matters, and this may cause trouble in the future.

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