Dresses for the New Year 2013 with photos

What to celebrate New Year - 2013?



Since childhood, the New Year has been the most long-awaited holiday. Sincerely believing in Santa Claus, many children wrote letters to him where they ordered gifts under the Christmas tree. This had to be done in advance, because there are many children and you need to have time to prepare for each congratulation. Even adults believe in New Year's miracles, and it always seems to them that in the coming year, life will improve, adversity will go away, and desires will be fulfilled. Who among us has never started a new life with the New Year? Did you promise to quit smoking and take care of yourself? All sooner or later go through it.


It is not for nothing that there is a saying: “How you will meet the New Year - so you will spend it”, but in order to have fun, you need to know which competitions for the New 2013 for children and adults to hold. The hostesses in the autumn think over the details and attributes of the holiday, the nuances of serving the New Year's table and the decoration of the house. For the New Year, everyone is preparing thoroughly, so that nothing further spoils the impression of the celebration.


For the fair sex is itself an important role is played by what the lady will be dressed for the holiday. Each woman leafs through the catalogs of fashionable clothes in advance and walks through the boutiques, choosing a New Year's outfit. Who wants to get into a situation where a couple of days remain before the New Year and suddenly it turns out that there is nothing to celebrate?


According to the horoscope, this holiday is better to meet in a small close company, see the scenario of the New Year 2013 at home. The snake does not like noise, din and large open space. Of course, if you meet the New Year at home with friends and relatives, it may seem that it is better to wear comfortable trousers or shorts, and maybe even a bathrobe. But will there be another reason to show yourself beautiful and feminine? Therefore, a good choice would be a dress, best evening or cocktail. Not for nothing, according to most men, a woman dressed in a dress seems to be more attractive and graceful to them. Perhaps for this reason, the wardrobe of any fashionista will not do without this item of clothing.


Dresses for the New Year 2013

Beautiful dresses for the New Year 2013 - the year of the black water snake.


What should I look for when choosing a dress?The most important thing in the future dress for a holiday is, of course, convenience. After all, it will need to spend the whole night.If the dress is too narrow, somewhere starts to press or rub, a few hours of celebration may seem like an eternity. And only in second place will be the beauty of the selected model, which distinguishes a woman from the crowd of guests.


When choosing a dress for the New Year 2013, pay attention to the fabric.



An important component of an elegant New Year's dress is the fabric from which it is sewn. If the material is luxurious and refined, it will in itself turn into the decoration of the attire, pushing the style into the background. But do not forget about practicality: the fabric should not be easily creased and brand. In a dented dress, you will look untidy and ridiculous.


Dresses for the New Year 2013

New year dresses for 2013 year of the black water snake, photo.


There is an unspoken rule that the elements of the symbol of the year must be present in the whole atmosphere of the holiday, including the New Year's dress. 2013 will be held under the sign of a black water snake. The color scheme of the year includes dark shades of blue and green and, of course, black.


To match the eastern horoscope, you can choose a black fitting New Year's dress, emphasizing all the advantages of the figure.This is a classic image, introduced by Coco Chanel, quite practical and versatile. But this option is suitable only for women with ideal forms. If you have flaws that need to be hidden, such a style will have to be abandoned. The snake is a symbol of wisdom, it is an adherent of conservatism and respects common sense in the choice of attire.


Dresses for the New Year 2013

Beautiful photos of dresses for the New Year 2013.



How to decorate a dress for the New Year 2013 in the style of a black water snake?



To make the black dress look more festive for the New Year, it can be refreshed with jewelry - elegant earrings, a bright brooch, a large bracelet. The year of the black water snake cannot be imagined without brilliant and bright details. Jewelry inlaid with real gemstones will add extra chic to the look. But not everyone has the means for real diamonds. Out of the situation can be details in the form of a snake, such as twisted bracelets and a necklace. But do not wear bright jewelry. Snake does not like carnivals. Remember the main rule: the shiny fabric of the New Year's dress is not combined with a large number of ornaments. Violation of this rule will make a woman look like a New Year tree.


To meet the upcoming 2013 Black Water Snake, a dress from shiny fabric with lurex, metal spraying or embroidered with sequins and sequins will suit as well. This material will give similarity with the skin of a snake. If the fabric is flowing, each movement will be accompanied by brilliant modulations, and this looks very graceful and unusual. The snake loves shine in detail. Sequins can be added even in makeup, manicure and hairstyle.


Dresses for the New Year 2013

Photos of New Year's dresses, for the year of the black snake.


Another choice could be a dress made of velvet.. The highlight of the dress will be a combination of shiny and matte skin. This set is worn by women who are confident in their attractiveness. The skin can be both artificial and natural. This style is decorated with metal buckles and other accessories. You can add fur trim and inserts. The asymmetry of the lower part of the dress will add alongside originality. Quite the way will be accessories from leather: bags, belts, even bracelets. But the products of snake skin is better to postpone away. The snake can take offense, and this threatens trouble in the coming year.


On the styles and length of the dress there is no strict regulation.The main thing is that the chosen clothes fit the features of the figure. A more slender and sophisticated woman looks in a long dress, as in the photo below. High bodors, wide belts and corsets serve the same purpose. Men are also attracted by short, tight-fitting silhouettes with open shoulders and a plunging neckline.


Dresses for the New Year 2013

Dress for the New Year 2013 with a photo example.



The most unusual dress for the New Year 2013 - a dress in the retro style of the 50s!



Now retro style is in fashion. Try to find a new year's dress in the style of the 50s of the last century - with a fluffy skirt and a V-shaped neckline. You can be sure that no one else will have a similar outfit.


The combination of lightweight material: chiffon, crepe or crepe satin are the fashion trends of the upcoming New Year's holiday. This is the most convenient option for meeting the New Year. Due to flowing fabric and thin straps, the dress seems extremely light and weightless. You can dance there all night long.


If you are not going to strictly adhere to the colors of the black water snake, choose the outfit of the fashionable purple of this season. And if you want to create a sensation for the new 2013, wear a golden tight dress with a deep neckline. An original and non-standard addition to the party will be a long train.


Young girls should pay attention to the bright and pastel shades: beige, pale pink, cream. These colors are usually associated with youth and freshness. Additional ease will give the use of materials such as silk and chiffon. Embroidery or lace inserts will only decorate the New Year's dress. And to add sexuality to this innocent outfit, complement it with a deep neckline, bare shoulders, or a high slit that opens the legs.


Dresses for the New Year 2013

Dress for New Year's Eve 2013. What else to wear for the New Year!


Linen- the main attribute of any outfit. Wear satin or silk underwear to please the snake. Lace trim will add elegance and self-confidence to the beautiful floor.


Before the New Year is not much time. The best time to start to pick up a New Year's dress, based on your wealth and features of the figure.

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