Dry-cured meat at home

Natural homemade meat products are tasty, healthy and economical. Natural dried meat will serve as a complete replacement for store sausages and will be prepared from those products that the hostess will select for her family.
 Dry-cured meat at home Cool brine to 35 - 30 degrees and put meat there.
 Dry-cured meat at home
5. Soak pork in brine in the fridge for another three days. 6. Get the meat out of the pickle.
 Meat, uncleaned at home
Put on one board, cover it with the second and put it slightly inclined under the load to remove excess fluid.
 Meat, uncleaned at home
It is better to install a board with meat in a sink or on a tray to collect a stack fluid. In this form, withstand pork from 3 to 5 hours. 7. Prepare a mixture of spices for breading meat.It must necessarily include garlic, black ground pepper, red paprika stinging and sweet, rosemary and / or sage and other herbs at will. Grind the mixture with a mortar, break a bay leaf with your hands.
 Dry-cured meat at home

legged spice not only impart flavor jerky meat, but also have a preservative and aseptic properties, act as natural preservatives, keeping the product fresh. 8. Richly breaded pork in spices.
 Meat raw at home
 Dry jerked meat at home
9. Put the meat in spices in a dense canvas.  Meat, jerked at home
A multi-layered gauze napkin will do as well, but it’s best to take linen cloth or towel. 10.Wrap meat in a cloth as tightly as possible.
 Meat, uncleaned at home
Send it to the fridge. After a day, look at the meat.
 Meat, uncleaned at home
If the bread mixture is small, then it should be added, if necessary, replaced wet dry cloth. Keep the jerky in the fridge for another 48 hours. 11. The resulting product is stored in the refrigerator in a dry cloth or in food paper.
 Dry-cured meat at home
The resulting dried pork is an excellent product for cutting meat on the holiday table, you can surprise loved ones and cook dried pork for the New Year or any festive feast. On weekdays, sandwiches with dried pork home-made pork will help you have a bite at work, and will help out on a picnic.
 Dry-cured meat at home
 jerked meat at home

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