Edible cosmetics

������Prepare creams, masks and scrubs from what is in the fridge. Make a honey bath, it will soften the skin. In the preparation of a full bath, you will need 250 g of honey.
The content of vitamin E is high in avocado oil. Manufacturers of cosmetics use this product extensively, this moisturizing product produced by them is found everywhere. Mix 5 ml of avocado oil and the same amount of jojoba oil, apply on the lips instead of balm. Rub twice a week in the evening in the cuticle mixture of 20 ml of avocado oil, lemon juice and 1 ml of geranium oil. This will strengthen the nail plate.
In olive oil, vitamins A and E are combined. Their use contributes to the growth and restoration of hair follicles. Heat 60 ml of extra-class oil, add 5 ml of lemon juice, apply the mixture on washed hair, wrap in a towel and hold for 30 minutes. Then rinse with water with the addition of air conditioning.
Tomatoes are very useful for problem skin. Tomatoes perfectly relieve inflammation and have antibacterial properties, they contain many antioxidants.Mash the pulp of a single tomato with a fork, mix with whipped protein. Spread the mixture gently over the skin, leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
Prepare a face lotion that tones the skin. The tool can be made from lemon. Twist the citrus pulp in the meat grinder, pour 200 ml of pure alcohol and leave for a week in the refrigerator. Then strain and use twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. This lotion will help whiten the skin and remove the rash.
For a healthy complexion, you can use carrots. This vegetable contains vitamin A, which helps exfoliate old skin cells. Mince half a ripe tomato and one carrot. Squeeze the juice and add the oatmeal. If you use this mask regularly, you will find a healthy complexion, skin tone, and wrinkles significantly reduced.

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