Effective English diet for 21 days

To date, a huge variety of diets can not be described. In many cases, they do more harm than good for a woman's health. But there is one diet that allows for a long time not to worry about other methods of losing weight - this is an English diet for losing weight, calculated for 21 days. It is unique, in a way, because with its help they achieve fast results in a short period of time. Its peculiarity is that the health of a woman will not suffer badly, but only if the representative of the fair sex of humanity does everything right.


The first (preparatory) stagethere will be a 2-day fast. This period will save your body from toxins and toxins. In addition, it will adjust the body for long-term work. In rare cases, you can afford 1-2 pieces of dried black bread.

Second Stage (two days)- protein days.

For breakfast, a cup of coffee with milk, honey (half a teaspoon), half a teaspoon of butter, black bread (2 slices).

For lunch - 1 serving of fish / meat broth, not more than 150 gram-cooked meat / fish, 30 gr. green peas, black bread (1 piece).

At lunch - 200 ml of milk and a piece of black bread.

For dinner - 100g of meat (boiled), cheese 50g., A glass of kefir and a slice of black bread.

The third stage (two-day)- vegetable.

For breakfast - orange / apple 2 pieces.

For lunch - vegetable soup, stuffed peppers, vinaigrette (without potatoes)

At lunch - fruit (except bananas)

For dinner - vegetable salad in vegetable oil. It is best to use cabbage, beets, carrots. And a cup of tea.

Special features

pros: low cost, very effective in application. Judging by the numerous reviews of satisfied girls, the English diet gives a very good, stable result - a loss of about 7 kg over a period of 20 days!

Minuses: The monotony of the diet will not be able to reproduce the body's need for multivitamins, so you need to buy a pack of "Complivit" and apply according to the instructions. Symptoms of flatulence are possible. If there are problems with the stomach, it is best to use another diet - Bonn. But the best option is to consult a dietician.

A feature of this diet can be called the need for a smooth exit, which ends with a daily hunger strike.After completing the course of the English diet, you must carefully introduce new foods into your daily diet. Long-term use and the next repetition is not recommended no earlier than after 6 months.

If you decide to apply this diet, you can not abruptly begin the first stage. First, you need to arrange fasting days to prepare the body for such a strong test. To do this, within 1-2 days before starting a diet, drink 1-2 liters of kefir per day (or milk), do not eat more than 100 grams. black bread. After you pass the preparatory stage, alternate the second and third stages.

Do not forget that each of them lasts for 2 days. The maximum alternation time is no more than 12 cycles !!!

During the diet period it is forbidden to consume alcohol, flour products, sweets, fried and fatty. Also, exclude salt, since a large amount of salt prevents the removal of toxins from the body.

Also not desirable are dried fruits, grapes, melons. It is necessary to maintain physical fitness in the same direction, but it is better to do charging, because it is necessary that the muscular wall of the abdomen strengthened.

It should also be noted that the English diet for 21 days with proper application will not cause such problems as increased fatigue, drowsiness, nausea, urge to vomit, weakness,violation of concentration and attention. If you are observing any of these signs, then this means that you either do something wrong or this diet does not suit you. Remember that each of us is unique and not everything that fits one, fits another. Be careful and stay beautiful always!


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