Elizabeth Hurley criticized for too frank outfit

Publication by Elizabeth Hurley (@ elizabethhurley1)4 Apr 2018 at 1:01 PDT

It seems that the 52-year-old actress got a little overwhelmed with the choice of dress for the holiday party, although she looked like there were nowhere to be more sexy. “Happy birthday, my little prince! You are the light of my life for the past 16 years, ”Elizabeth signed the picture. But as soon as Hurley shared a photo in his Instagram, he was immediately hit by a barrage of criticism and misunderstanding on the part of subscribers.

“Put on IT for the 16th birthday of my son?” Really? Are you looking for a new husband among his peers? ”

“I would be too ashamed to wear this on the red carpet ...”

“We are aware that you have breasts, it is not necessary to show it so aggressively! What is it like for Damian to stand next to you? ”

True, just the same Damian (and Elizabeth) is hardly confused by something in a situation. As is known, the actress and her son have a very close relationship from a very early age: they are more like intimate friends.As for the deep cleavage, here Liz is not ashamed: firstly, she is entirely for bodypositive (which means not only curvaceous forms, but also the right to look like the person himself wants), and secondly, her own line of swimsuits Elizabeth simply commits to look great, and she succeeds. “I'm not going crazy. It's just a business, ”commented the actress herself.

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