English style starts and wins

The English upholstered furniture company Duresta was founded more than seventy years ago and during this time has gained ardent love and unquestioning authority among connoisseurs of exclusive interiors. At home, Duresta was repeatedly marked by the National Treasure badge of honor. This company is allowed to make replicas of antiques and copy the decor of the English palaces: Westminster and Buckingham.

Old English style has always been in great demand among genuine connoisseurs of high design. TRIO-Interior company offers sofas and armchairs of traditional Victorian style, made from the best materials according to the latest technologies and quality standards from the Duresta brand, as well as from other Italian factories.

Elite and noble interiors

Why is the English style so attractive? It is characterized by graceful lines, symmetry, regular shapes and harmonious proportions.All together and characterizes such furniture as beautiful, elegant and noble.

Duresta furnishings are premium class furnishings. First of all, due to the use of expensive natural materials. It is wood of valuable breeds, genuine leather, elite textiles. For upholstery used author's fabrics that develop the most famous artists of the fabrics. This makes Duresta’s sofas and chairs exclusive, one-of-a-kind. The company offers the widest selection of colors and textures of upholstery, while all materials are distinguished by improved consumer properties: strength, durability. When fabricating sofas and chairs from Duresta, the technique of using double springs is used, which are manually adjustable. Such furniture, firstly, takes the form of a body, and secondly, quickly returns to its original state, maintaining a fresh, original appearance.

Star Selection

The collections of sofas and armchairs from Duresta are also pleased with the variety of styles. Here you can find the best options for the Eastern, Moorish, antique, colonial, classical areas of interior design.Duresta furnishings are unparalleled convenience, maximum comfort and exemplary quality. This company is not for nothing that stars and representatives of the elite choose: Queen Elizabeth II, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Lawrence Olivier, Rowan Atkinson, David Beckham. This furniture was loved by Princess Diana, and today the brand’s fans are Prince William and Duchess Catherine.

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