Essential Oils - Natural Medicines

How to make oils

Essential oil is a fragrant, oily liquid with a characteristic color. Obtain oils from plants and fruits by distillation or spin. Distillation is that the plants are placed in boiling water, where the destruction of cells and the release of concentrated essential oil. Spin, using special combines, is used to extract oil from citrus fruits. Therapeutic effects of oils on the body have been known since ancient times. In the 20th century, technology did not stand still: science was actively developing, experiments were conducted, and artificial preparations were produced. On the effect of essential oils at the time forgotten, but, by chance, in the laboratory was discovered wound-healing effect of lavender oil. Oils have been studied and have taken a strong position in the ranking of important and useful products.


Any essential oil has a pleasant texture and strong odor, does not leave stains on the surfaces, as it evaporates quickly.The smell is stronger, the younger the plant was and the more it smelled.

Effects of application

When buying oil, you need to remember that it is a strong concentrate that, if it comes into contact with the skin, is capable of causing burns. Before use, the product should be diluted in kefir, alcohol or basic essential oils - peach, almond, castor.

Antiseptic, wound-healing effect, enhancing immunity has almost every oil.

Anesthetic effect is possible not only by rubbing the skin, but also by inhalation of vapors of ginger, acacia, oregano.

Lavender, mint and rose have a calming effect on brain activity that improves mood and normalizes sleep.

Anise, lime, cinnamon are considered antibacterial and antiviral agents.

Oil of lemon balm, mandarin and bergamot will become an indispensable tool for diseases of the stomach.

Many oils are used in cosmetology and hair care.

Essential oils have many beneficial properties. Find the one you like and be healthy!

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