Necklace "Evening" for a dress-bustier

To make a necklace for a bustier dress, we need: - monophonic translucent beads; - thin solid fishing line; - rhinestones with metal bases that can be sewn to the base; - a large large pendant with a stone ; - three small pendants with translucent stones; - fine needles for beads; - a lighter (to burn the ends of the fishing line); - nail scissors; - a convenient clasp with a chain .
 we will need
First we securely fasten for stitch to the fishing line.
fasten the fastener
After that we put the beads on the fishing line with a bead needle. We find the first rhinestone from the clasp and move two rhinestones up from it. We fasten the fishing line to the second strass, we gather 18 centimeters of beads and firmly fasten it to the middle of the row in the previous step. The same is done on the other hand.
 Necklace for a dress
Check all the fastenings of the fishing line on the necklace, gently firing the ends of the fishing line with fire. Our necklace for the evening dress-bustier is ready!
 Necklace for a dress
 Dress necklace

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