Exercises for the feet for women

Leg exercises

Exercises for feet at home



If you are worried about the beauty of your tummy, then you can pull it up, watch the video on how to quickly pump up the press. For now we will pass to exercises for muscles of legs of women in house conditions.


Exercises for the feet№ 1. I. p. - The main stand. Lift your left knee sharply, while extending your right hand back. Repeat 10 times with each foot. 5-10 series of exercises.


Leg exercises№ 2. Jumping through the rolling pin alternately on the right and left foot:

with the help of a rolling pin alternately on two legs high and low; through the rolling pin "run" lifting legs. Jumps 60-70 times in an attempt to reach a highly placed object. Of these, 2 series of 10 jumps, pushing with both feet, and 2 series of 10 jumps, pushing with one foot. The interval between jumps is 5-8 seconds, and between the series - 4-5 minutes (you must push off with all your might!).


Exercises to strengthen the muscles № 3. I. p. - sitting (you can while watching TV or reading). Raise your legs alternately above the floor and make circular movements in the ankle area.10-30 times one way, then the other.


Leg exercises№ 4. Lean hands on the back of the sofa. Raise the legs bent at the knees alternately and try to get their forehead. Run 20-30 times


Leg muscle exercises№ 5. On the street - uphill uphill length of 20-30 meters and with picking up speed, downhill runs, repeat 3-4 times. (You can take the stairs at the entrance).


An exerciseNo. 6. Right leg bend at the knee and press the foot against the knee of the left leg. In this position, lean forward, trying to touch the floor with your hands. Perform 10 times and each leg.


Exercises for the legs of women number 7. Squatting on the right (left) leg on a stool or chair - for the muscles of the legs.


One foot to stand on a stool. Hands along the trunk. Crouch down on the whole foot. Squatting, torso slightly tilt forward and simultaneously raise your arms to the height of your shoulders. Squatting - exhale, straightening - inhale. The pace is slow. Repeat with each leg 5-7 times in 2-3 approaches. Rest after each approach for 1-2 minutes.

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