Exot is an unusual breed of fluffy cats

In order for your pet to grow up healthy, happy and beautiful, you must, of course, follow all the basic rules of care, and for cats, as you know, there are special moments about the existence of which far from every owner knows.

An exotic or exotic short-haired cat is an unusual breed of baleen, which resembles the famous and imposing Persians (which is not by chance), but differs from them in a shorter coat.

These cute plush creatures were bred by American breeders, who initially set themselves a slightly different goal: to give the American shorthair a special wool texture.

The result was not exactly what they expected: funny creatures with a Persian muzzle and heavy large paws turned out, they have very little resemblance to the American representatives.

At first, this fact provoked controversy and doubt, but as a result, in the 80s of the last century, the resulting phenomenon was completely legalized into a new separate breed of cats - the exotic shorthair. How to care for exotic?

This question first arises from new or future owners of a small bundle of happiness, because almost all pedigree representatives require special attention. So it is: these plush little faces are not as simple as some may argue, however, all the moments of proper care quickly turn into a usual thing that the owners do without much difficulty.

Characteristics of the breed

What can you tell us about exotics? These are beautiful cats of medium size with rather large paws, a squat and massive body. In general, it is a copy of Persian cats, which are usual for us with one difference - the length and properties of wool.

Exotic beauties can be of almost any color, according to breeders, a kitten of any color can become a real champion, if you, of course, plan to participate in all sorts of contests.

The nose is snub-nosed, the jaws are strong, but the bite is slightly irregular, which is why exotic animals are not able to care for themselves thoroughly, like other breeds of cats. The eyes are large and slightly arched, also require special care. The plush fur has a pleasant shine, as well as silky and delicate to the touch.

Character.Of course, all pets have different characters, but there are traits that unite all exotics. For example, all of them are characterized by a light and tender disposition, never offend their master, get used to it and love to be in the center of attention.

By temperament, again, they strongly resemble Persian cats, almost completely adopting all their features. However, it is believed that the exotic ones are somewhat smarter than their brethren, quicker and more active, they like to have fun and play, especially if they have something to do with.

How to care for exotics?

First you need to understand that these cats, although they are short-haired, still rather actively shed, the wool easily remains on upholstered furniture, the floor and any other parts of the apartment.

This is due to the peculiarity of wool, which in its thickness strongly resembles the Persian, which requires special care. You can fight molting in two ways: by regular combing or by resorting to water procedures.

In the summer, exotic animals can be bathed every two weeks, but in the winter less often - once every 2-3 months is enough. Bathing noticeably makes your pet's life easier - in the process, it gets rid of excess and dead wool, which then turns out to be everywhere in the apartment.

If you understand that regular bathing is not for you, then you need to comb the exot. There is an interesting statement that such a pet is ideal for lazy Persians. Of course, this is partly true, because exotic animals really do not require daily care, but periodically you need to comb out a special metal one (as needed).

In the period of active molting - every day. Combing such a thick fur coat is not at all easy, therefore, experts recommend doing it in several stages. First, comb the hair along the body in the direction of the growth of the wool, and then, using a brush from natural bristles, bring the hair to an ideal state, as in the photo or pictures.

And what about the food?

As for feeding, the whole process of eating is divided into about three doses, every day you need to replace the water in a separate bowl with fresh one. As for the menu, the exotics can eat both natural food and dry food. Fodders are convenient in hot weather, as well as for heavily occupied owners, however, you will have to fork out for premium brands, for example, Royal Kanin and so on.

Since they are designed specifically for cats, they can find all the necessary vitamins, trace elements and supplements necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Unlike other cats, exotic can safely drink milk, and dairy products are recommended at all in the form of additional feeding.

If your exotic has a light fur, then another procedure is important for the host: after eating, wipe the face with a wet cotton swab. The fact is that the special shape of the jaw does not allow the pet to do it on its own, and if you don’t remove leftover food, the beautiful fur may turn yellow.

Also, do not forget to flush the eyes of a beautiful woman, the only way they will remain clean. It is recommended to clean the ears every three weeks with a soft cotton swab moistened with a special solution. Here, in fact, all the wisdom!

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