Expensive and painful: the truth and the myths about laser hair removal

The editors of Woman's Day and Elena Nikolaevna Samokhvalova, a dermatologist, cosmetologist, head of the cosmetology department of the Ottimo Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, dispelled the most popular myths about laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal done once and for all life?

Laser hair removal
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Yes, if you make a course of procedures, you can get rid of hair forever. The duration of the course and the number of procedures are selected individually. Much depends on the type of hairs, their number, growth rate, as well as the phase on which each hair is located. Body hair does not grow at the same time.

There are phases of growth. They are not synchronized: that is, some hairs can be in the active phase of growth (they cover the body), and others - in the sleeping one (they just begin to grow and have not yet appeared on the surface). Laser hair removal affects the hairs in the active phase. It turns out that after the first procedure, when the hair follicles are destroyed in the active growth phase, there are still dormant, and therefore after some time the hairs reappear on the body.

In addition, the number of procedures affects the equipment. The more modern the laser, the faster and better the effect. To speed up the process and make it as comfortable as possible, you need to choose the latest generation lasers. In our clinic, laser hair removal is carried out using the latest American device Candela Gentle Max. It combines high performance and complete safety.

Epilation on Candela Gentle Max takes less time. It takes 40 minutes to process entirely even the longest legs (usually working with this area takes an hour and a half). Repeat the procedure only after 2 months (new hairs grow slowly and reluctantly). Usually the intervals between treatments are less, 4–6 weeks. Also, when hair removal on Candela Gentle Max, you need fewer repeated sessions to completely get rid of hair.

Why go to the salon for laser hair removal, if many brands are devices for the procedure at home?

Home installations for hair removal do not give the same effect as professional lasers. Manufacturers understand that non-professionals will use the devices, so they initially consciously limit the capabilities of epilators (for good purposes so that there are no burns, for example, or excessive pigmentation).

In addition, their nozzles cover a small area, it is very difficult and long to epilate large areas. In addition, the result may be disappointing - there is a high risk of losing and missing several areas, because of which hair will grow unevenly, in tufts.

Professional procedures are always distinguished by safety, better results and greater comfort.

Laser hair removal can not do in the summer?

It is possible, but it is worth doing the procedure two weeks before traveling to a sunny resort or two weeks after arriving from a vacation. After the procedure in the summer on the treatment area you need to apply a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

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