Experts called poisonous dishwashing detergent

Experts have tested several of the most popular brands and made conclusions.

Dishwashing liquid is the thing that should be as human-friendly as possible. Not only because we worry about the skin of the hands. And because some part of the tool remains on the dishes anyway, no matter how carefully we rinse it. It turns out that we eat it - just like lipstick. Specialists from the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology of Moscow and the Expert Center of the Consumers Union "Roskontrol" have attended to this issue.

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To find out which brand of dishwashing liquid is the safest, experts tested samples of popular brands: Pril, AOS, Fairy, Minute Plus, Sorti, Frosch, and Simply. As a result, it turned out that they are all washed out quite well. Slightly worse than the rest, Minute Plus and Fairy part with the surface of the plates and pans.

“You should rinse the dishes at least three times,” experts still advise to be safe.

The pH level of all samples was normal. But the quality of washing varies. Of all the liquids tested, Pril, AOS and Fairy performed best. Medium efficiency - at Sorti, Frosch and “Just”. But “Minute Plus” launders worse than average. Note that the price here is not the determining factor. After all, Frosch is much more expensive than its "brothers" in the category of efficiency.

There were also questions about toxicity.

“Three samples did not fit into the required parameters - AOS, Fairy and Minute Plus,” says c.

Of course, this does not mean that these products are poisonous and cannot be used. Just flush them out is especially thorough.

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