Fans argue: is it worth punishing daughter Timati for pranks

The rapper's girlfriend is resting with his heiress and ex-girlfriend.

This is hard to believe, but it happens that former and present beloveds can be friends with each other. For example, like Timati, Alena Shishkova and Anastasia Reshetova. Now all three of them, as well as the daughter of rapper and Alena, 4, Alice, and his mother Simona spend their holidays together. The company sails all day on the yacht and seems to be feeling fine in such a composition.

Simon Yunusova talks about how the everyday lives of a famous family go on every day. She shared with Instagram a funny series of shots of her granddaughter, in which Alice is doing what she likes - drawing. But the girl does not create on paper, but on the face. The little girl turned herself into a leopard, and the dad's girl, model Anastasia Reshetova, was awarded with a mustache and hearts.

Photo: @ simona280
Photo: @ simona280

Simone's followers immediately rushed to analyze this photo. Some began to argue that Alice’s entertainment was clearly not to the liking of the model.The girl in the pictures is happy and smiling, and the painted Reshetova looks tortured. Simon was even convicted of such a frame, they say, by showing the current girl son in such a way, once again proved that she was not very pleasant. Others, on the contrary, saw a complete idyll in the frame. Alice decorated Nastya with hearts, which means she loves her very much and they have a wonderful relationship. If so, then all but Simone carefully conceal this fact.

Photo: @timatiofficial
Photo: @ missalena.92
Photo: @ volkonskaya.reshetova

Reshetova uploads only her single photos to social networks, as if she is not resting with Timati. Shishkova shares pictures with Alice. Timati also publishes only himself and his daughter. If it were not for the agile grandmother, we would not have learned that, contrary to rumors about enmity, everyone gets along well with each other. So, the spiteful critics who spread gossip about the separation of Timothy and Nastya every day have nothing to profit from. Recall that last year the model shared a video with a wedding dress fitting. Who knows, maybe the identity is not far off.

In the meantime, Timati's fans argue: isn't he allowing his daughter too much? A little earlier, Alice defiantly threw Dad's phone into the sea, and now draws on the face of his girlfriend.

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