Fashionable and stylish spring dresses (23 photos)

The dress can change you and your life, so this thing should be present in the wardrobe, regardless of the weather and time of year. Spring is designed to be worn by girls of different ages. What fashionable styles will have to be worn this year, we will be happy to discuss today.

These dresses will decorate all, without exception, the representatives of the weaker sex. Each of us dreams to be the most beautiful and desirable. Just such a woman can make a dress. It transforms, changes the attitude and attitude of people towards you.

Men are constantly wondering why girls have so much clothes. They like it when women walk the streets in beautiful, elegant dresses, but they are constantly outraged when their other half wants to buy a new outfit. For men, all dresses are faceless, they do not understand either the styles or the models. Men notice only the figure of a woman.

But for girls it is important that they were wearing the most stylish and fashionable dress.Because women live in a world of constant competition for the title of the most stunning woman of the weaker sex. And to maintain constantly not very easy. Good clothes make you feel much more confident. And to criticize a beautiful spring dress, no one will turn his tongue.

What are the?

To date, there is a huge amount of fashionable styles. Fashion designers and tailors try to design and sew in such a way that any woman, regardless of height, weight, or style, can wear them. Every year they try to surprise us with styles, colors and prices. Therefore, it is very pleasant to dive into the atmosphere of choosing spring dresses.

Spring - different from all others. They are not as warm as winter knitted and at the same time not as light and airy as summer dresses. Spring dresses retain heat, which in turn allows them to be worn on the naked body, not additionally warming with tights, waistcoats and cardigans.


In the coming year, the listed styles of spring dresses will be relevant, so if you have been fighting for the title of the biggest fashionista in the team for a long time, we recommend that you read them.


The classic is becoming mega popular. Therefore, the approaching spring, you must buy yourself a dress - case. This is an ideal option for trips to study and work. Moreover, it can be worn with a thin, white shirt. And in the spring fashionable combinations of classic cut and unusual colors will be fashionable. Diamonds, squares, stripes should flaunt against the background of a saturated primary color. Similar options can be worn with unusual tights.


This season, girls will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, because they can change heavily-fitting dresses to more loose ones. In the fashion will be dresses that you will be more on a couple of sizes. They can simply fall to the bottom, hiding the curves of the body, and can be fixed on the waist with a thin belt. The length of this dress can be different. But the most common models will be knee length models. They perfectly connect with ballet shoes.


At last, the designers did propaganda not terribly thin women, but sports ones. The public began to realize that on girls with a good body dresses sit much better than on protruding bones.Therefore, in the spring of sports dresses will be a great success.

Wear them with leggings or tight pants. Supplement the image with stylish, massive sneakers or sneakers, glasses and a cool image ready. Sports dresses must be bright, you can use the colors of famous football clubs. Striped dresses in which five to six bright colors alternate are the indisputable trend of the season. Do not forget that in the sports can have a hood, which makes it even more interesting.

Dress shirt

This style is still not losing ground. Do not assume that the dress - the shirt is too vulgar. It's not a shirt, it's just an imitation. It is much longer, sometimes it has a maxi length. It has distinctive elements: a collar, pockets, buttons and sleeves. Also, the color scheme of this style should be calm and soft.


Here you will have to learn to understand fashionable combinations. For one style, only neutral colors are suitable, and for the other, on the contrary, only mega bright tones should be used. However, it is possible to identify the undisputed leader of the next spring - it is white.Despite its impracticality, designers recommend wearing dresses of this particular color.

How to choose the right one?

Despite the fact that by the spring, many of us tend to lose those extra pounds, not everyone succeeds. A problematic figure should not prevent you from wearing spring dresses. You just have to pick them right. Depending on your problem areas, you can wear different models.

In order to hide wide shoulders or large arms, you can buy not only dresses with sleeves, but also with a bodice - bustier. And cover your hands with a stylish bolero. In the spring combination of a dress, a bolero and high heels will be very fashionable.

Girls who can not boast of winding forms should not be shy. For you, mini-length suits are ideal. Show your legs to the world and then all men will be yours.

Dresses for full girls should not be boring black. Stop your choice on the option of a free cut and be sure to use a belt. You come to the aid of juicy shades: blue, purple, green and peach.

With a large breast, it is better to wear spring dresses with a V-neck and secure fixation on the neck or shoulders.Dresses without straps are clearly not for you. Therefore, if you want to emphasize the chest, just wear dresses of a classic cut.

Now you know what to wear in spring. Wear dresses with great desire and pleasure. Because this time is created for you to be irresistible, the easiest, sexy and desirable. Be sure to update your wardrobe with a pair of brand new spring dresses.

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