Fashionable knitted hats for winter for women

Fashionable knitted hats for winter for womenMany women refuse to wear hats, but in vain. After all, knitted hats for winter for women are the most popular winter accessory, comfortable, warm and fashionable. It is possible to choose female knitted hats for the winter, each woman can proceed from her own preferences, but she doesn’t need to refuse to know what the most fashionable knitted hats of 2015 will be. Fashionable design and nice colors will fit into the overall image of any woman and will not disappoint any of them.

The list of fashionable chips for the models of 2014-2015

Knitted hats 2014–2015 are suitable for coats and jackets, they can be worn with a sheepskin coat and a fur coat. Eminent fashion designers, who worked on the latest collections, tried to make fashionable knitted hats 2014–2015 (photos are presented on the Internet) like women, were soft, warm and looked great. Originality of each model is given by peculiar "chips", such as:

  • large mating;
  • fur and wool bubonchiki;
  • embroidery;
  • applications;
  • pockets;
  • flowers;
  • buckles;
  • pigtails;
  • intricate patterns.

Fashionable knitted hats for winter for women

The shape of fashionable knitted hats for winter for women

Models of knitted hats for women are surprised by the variety of forms, so today the statement “I don’t have a hat” is not relevant and does not correspond to reality, since each woman can choose the form that fits the face type, clothes and adds a certain zest of appearance. Topping the list of fashionable knitted hats for the winter 2015 season are “ski” hats, models with buboes of different sizes, a toe cap and hats with “horns”. They are happy to be worn by women of any age, not afraid to defy the gray routine and look extravagant and extraordinary. Among the abundance of knitted hats for women, you can choose what will allow you to shock others or, on the contrary, look quite traditional.
Fashionable knitted hats for winter for women
Modern women of fashion will like caps:

  • from thin knitwear with a hard visor;
  • bright, with long ties and tassels;
  • voluminous, with large fur pom-poms;
  • hats of triangular shape, the ears of which are bent upwards along the type of budenovki

The color palette of women's hats

If you are going to buy a hat or have already looked at one of thevariants of fashionable knitted hats fall-winter 2014–2015, tied with your own hands, regardless of your style, try to match the color with the clothes that are in your wardrobe. Therefore, the color range of fashionable women's knitted hats for the winter remains fairly traditional and inconspicuous, and the following colors prevail in it:

  • the black;
  • blue;
  • beige;
  • all shades of gray.

Neutral calm tones in the cold season look more natural and harmonious, so it is not surprising that most of the knitted hats 2015 are presented in a similar range.
Fashionable knitted hats for winter for women
Colorful and colorful hats in ethnic style can afford young fashionable women, in addition, they look great with sheepskin coats and fur jackets or vests.

New season

This year, modern designers presented the world with a new trend - a black little hat, which has every chance of becoming as popular as the little black Coco Chanel dress. It will suit any wardrobe, so fashionable women should not hesitate with its purchase.

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