Fashionable mistakes that we don’t even think about

Before you add to the basket what you have been licked since spring, we will try to protect you from mistakes that not only notorious shopaholics and nightly regulars of online stores constantly make, but also those who have never counted themselves among them.

We are ready to argue that during sales you have repeatedly scolded yourself for buying too much, and during the seasonal disassembly in the closet you suddenly found out that you also know how to “properly” store all acquired shopping wealth. That's the same thing! But we will fix it! How? First of all, stop relying on tips in fashion magazines and trust your own instinct and sense of comfort that you have never failed! And we will tell you about 10 trendy mistakes that we all imperceptibly and regularly make without even thinking.

"Sit down" on the wrong trends

Everything in the world design seasonal fabrications are good, perhaps, only if you are Anna Dello Rousseau and treat clothes as fancy-dress costumes with reference to the fact that you have a carnival almost every day.It is not easy for sensible but easily addicted people to scroll through the “Trends” section - everything seems so attractive and original, but we know that the only fashionable clothing that honestly has all the rights to settle in your closet is one in which you minimum do not feel strange and uncomfortable.

Fashionable mistakes that we don’t even think about

We assure ourselves that the horizontal strip fills

Fashion magazines all the time force us to focus on how we look in a mirror in clothes, while a much more effective trick is to rely on how you feel in clothes. A stripe is a stripe, but since you feel bold and confident in the chosen things, there is no excuse: a complex pattern, the shape of the heel or the number of villi per centimeter of fabric - you can not prevent them from wearing.

Fashionable mistakes that we don’t even think about

Based exclusively on the Internet for shopping

The bottom line: spent in excess of the norm, a bit of impaired vision and a lost "sense of things." Now, as victims of beautiful pictures on Instagram, we first of all react to color and completely eliminate such an important stage as fitting the thing. With separate items of clothing, such as with jeans,such shopping laziness grows into a serious problem: you have three fashionable couples on the hanger, but none of them shows your figure in a favorable light.

Fashionable mistakes that we don’t even think about

Ignore men's clothes

And very vain. Such close to perfection shirts and casual sweaters, as in men's collections, for example, J. Crew or Zara, are nowhere to be found. And if you consider that in the amount of XS they also live up to the maximum discounts, then shopping in general can be started exclusively from the men's departments. Yes, nobody also canceled the seasonal revision of your boyfriend's wardrobe on the principle of “Share with your neighbor”!

Fashionable mistakes that we don’t even think about

We live in color science

Married - in white, for an interview - in black, on a date - in red. Just do not say that you still believe that green really attracts people (it's not him, it's your smile!) And avoid orange, because you are sure that it has a bad effect on the psyche (it's not him, this is morning traffic!) . Forget about it, after all, color is just a color, and since we have become complete realists, it’s time to go to the altar in red, symbolizing the fervor of passion, to get a job in white, and in black to go on a date ( After all, if this is Tinder's acquaintance, then it will most likely end in mourning and boring).

Fashionable mistakes that we don’t even think about

We firmly believe in timeless fashion

Even not just in the timeless fashion - the so-called "eternal" things for all times, but also to convince themselves that these things must be very expensive. For a sandy trench coat or an ideal leather bag, you can lay out a fortune - we are convinced by fashion magazines, but the trick is that there are no ideal men or bags, and on a trench coat of coffee and milk it's easy to put a stain on it and zero it " eternal "status.

Fashionable mistakes that we don’t even think about

We do not know how to take care of expensive clothes

To buy an expensive coat of natural wool does not seem to be such a difficult task when, after a month of desperate socks, you try to “attach” it to the regional dry-cleaner for a while. It turns out that some people refuse to take care of him, while others simply call the price for cleaning equal to 10% of the cost of a coat. It's clear that the articles on the theme of seasonal trends attract us far more than the discussion on the topic, whether to wash a cashmere sweater in a typewriter or to conjure it over by hand using a gentle soap, but that very expensive things require special care, we very often find out , already saying goodbye to them forever.

Fashionable mistakes that we don’t even think about

We still believe that a tailor is for grannies and clerks.

This is perhaps the biggest misconception that, having overcome, you will literally discover a new life for yourself and understand what this magical phrase “perfect fit” really means, which is used in its lexicon by venerable couturiers. It is still unclear to us who most brands look for in tailoring, but we are sure that we are all completely different and deserve a couple of extra “individual” stitches to feel like a new dress in our own skin.

Fashionable mistakes that we don’t even think about

We think that sexy is necessarily open.

Going “on the hunt”, girls are accustomed to follow stereotypes: micro-mini, dresses with deep cuts or jeans with an open belly — you can even leave home in December and discover how far the word “sexuality” is not far from the word “vulgarity”, especially if it's Friday night. Instead of following their example, before leaving the house, you should better reflect on what you feel confident and comfortable in? The option with pajamas not to offer, but it is possible that it will be skinny jeans and a silk top. And even without a neckline!

Fashionable mistakes that we don’t even think about

We forbid something all the time.

If you can accompany the majority of the assortment of some innocuous democratic shop with an audience of 15 to 95 years with the phrase “I will never buy this”, then it’s absolutely time to change something. Because of the banal self-doubt that glossy magazines with pictures of skinny, blond and tall only reinforce, we not only stop a whole field of fashionable experiments for ourselves, but also drive ourselves into close limits like “not to wear white” or “short without studs from the house does not go. " Relax already and try something new right now!

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