Fences around the house at the dacha

The choice of material for the fence in the country or around the house is a serious matter. The main thing is the ratio of price and quality. Brick or shlakoblochnye fence, of course, reliable protection of your territory, but will cost a lot of money. Wooden picket fence, with all its aesthetic qualities causes doubts in durability. The grid the chain-link will not provide feeling of security and isolation from an external world. Having considered all the options, comparing the advantages and disadvantages, many come to the decision to make a fence of corrugated flooring, since this material meets all the quality indicators and is in an affordable price segment.

A steel sheet with a galvanized surface will withstand frosts, precipitation and heat for at least 15 or even 30 years, and if a protective-decorative polymer coating is applied, then the service life reaches 50 years. The ribbed surface gives the fence a good strength and ability to withstand quite strong blows.In addition, sheeting is easy to install.

The design of such a fence can be very different. At the request of the owner, the foundation can be both high and low, there are options when only the pillars are capitalized. Thinking through the device of the fence of corrugated board, it can be made into blocks, where brick pillars are installed between the sections, which, apart from the tasks of supporting structures, also perform aesthetic functions.

The low cost of corrugated fences allows you to model in the same style not only the fence, but also the gates, as well as the gate. They can be simple and open in the usual way, and you can equip the entrance for the car with the latest technology. It can be sliding gates prices which depend on how much you want to put an automated mechanism.

Looking at the gates and fences of corrugated flooring will be very elegant, without creating the impression of massiveness, and visually expand the inner space of the yard or suburban area.

When buying, fencing of corrugated board, please note that the cost of the fence will decrease in the reverse progression.Organizations that are engaged in their installation, begin to reduce the cost when ordering more than 100 meters of running. Fences from a professional flooring are installed very quickly, depending on the size in 1 - 3 days. It can reach height from 1.5 meters to 6. Fence of corrugated board is also advantageous in that, if necessary, any section can be easily replaced. This will be made much easier than repairing brickwork.

The huge color gamut of professional flooring makes it possible to choose what will be ideally combined, for example, with the roof of a house. On the market there is a material painted on both sides or imitating a wooden fence, as well as stone. They look very impressive.

If necessary, the fence can also be easily dismantled. Decking is stored for a long time, without requiring the creation of special conditions, it is also not difficult to transport it. Deciding to make a fence of this material, you provide protection and privacy on your site, and the quality of the fence will match its price.

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