Fighting laziness

Laziness often overtakes us when we have to step over our desires, to commit a crime against ourselves. To begin the fight with laziness, you must first find out exactly what you are lazy to do. We are not lazy in all matters. You can check it out. Make two lists: the first should be from the tasks that make laziness, and the second from the cases that you always do and in spite of everything. In front of each item in the lists, you must write the name of the person for whom the case is profitable. It usually turns out that the list of unloved cases turns out to be something that has benefits for other people, and not for you.

How to get rid of laziness

It is necessary to analyze the situation and understand your feelings. If something causes us a negative reaction and irritation, of course, we will be lazy to do it. If any case makes you disgusted, you need to abandon it or simplify the execution process as much as possible. For example, if you are too lazy to choose and buy a gift for a colleague for an anniversary, then you can get by with more modest congratulations.

In the fight against laziness, it is important not to overdo it.Do not write a long to-do list for the day. Several things will be done from this list. The next day, even more will be written, and you, having done almost nothing, will scold yourself. It is necessary to highlight for yourself the most important points and execute them. But you need to try to do something every day, and not periodically.

The main thing in the fight against laziness is to understand what is important to you in the first place. To exclude from the list unnecessary business, especially business and assignments from other people. No need to try to please another person, you have to learn to say no. And then your to-do list will begin to rapidly decline.

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