Filling and pasteurization of vegetables and fruits

Filling and pasteurization of vegetables and fruitsFasovanie and pasteurization of vegetables and fruits. Prepared vegetables and fruits are packed in glass containers of type I and II with a capacity of not more than 3.0 dm3and in metal cans 13 and 14. Considering the high aggressiveness of the marinade fill and the need to reduce the corrosion processes of metal containers, cans and lids made only of lacquered tin are used for packing marinades.


For marinades, assorted vegetables are selected in different colors from two to six kinds, in order to give canned food a beautiful appearance. Thus, the "Assorted Belgorod" includes tomatoes, sweet peppers, carrots and onions. Vegetables are also combined with cranberries, apples and mushrooms.


Pour the vegetables with marinade pouring with a temperature not lower than 80-85 ° С, while the ratio between the liquid part (35-40%) and raw materials (60-65%) is observed. Before capping 2-3 times per shift control the product. The cans are sealed and heat treated at 90-100 ° C for 5-20 minutes. The production of canned vegetables has features.They are a variety of slightly acidic marinades. They are made from fresh cucumbers, as well as zucchini and squash with the addition of spices, packed in cans, filled with a solution of acetic acid and table salt.


Canned squash, cucumbers, squashes differ from spices marinated in composition, recipe and marinade pouring technology, and less acidity.


The most common type of low acid marinade is canned cucumbers, produced mainly on the Hungarian mechanized lines "Complex". Canned food of the highest and I grades is produced from the raw material of the correct cylindrical form at the stage of technical maturity. For the production of premium grade, two diameters of 70 mm in length and 71 to 90 mm are used with a length to diameter ratio of at least 2.5, for Class I cucumbers 106 of length 110 mm with a diameter of not more than 50 mm. It is allowed to make canned food of I grade from long-fruited varieties more than 110 mm (up to 140 mm) and with a diameter up to 50 mm with a dense consistency and non-scarred skin.


Preparation of raw materials is carried out using soaking or blanching.


Freshly harvested cucumbers are sorted by size, soaked in clean running water for 30-60 minutes to remove air from the tissues and maintain a dense texture during sterilization.If cucumbers were stored for 5-10 hours before processing, the soaking time is increased to 5 hours. Then cucumbers are washed, inspected, cut off the stalks and packed in jars, at the bottom of which greens and spices are put, 50-60 mm in size, horseradish, celery, mint, dill, parsley, bay leaf, black bitter and chilli pepper, garlic. Banks fill pouring, containing 6-7% salt and 1% 80% acetic acid.


In order to intensify the process, soaking is replaced by blanching for 3-5 minutes, depending on the size of cucumbers at 50-60 ° C.


The production of cucumbers on the Hungarian line with a productivity of 3000 kg / h provides for the use of blanching, and on the line with the productivity of 6000 kg / h - short-term soaking is combined with blanching.


On the mechanized sorting line, cucumbers are calibrated in length and diameter for 6 fractions.


Sorted cucumbers are collected in containers and fed to the process line. The raw material enters the receiving plant at the beginning for soaking for 30 minutes, washing and removing impurities. Full cleaning is carried out in two brush-washing machines 3, and then blanching and inspection is carried out on the conveyor 5, packed on a vibrating filler.Vinegar is dosed with spices automatically at 20-25 ° C on the filler, and brine with a temperature of 95 ° C - on the filler to a constant level. Then the banks are sealed and sterilized at 100 ° C.

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