Fish whole fried in a frying pan

Fishing is an ancient male occupation. A real fisherman will not only be able to catch fish, but also cook it. At present, with the light hand of domestic restaurateurs, the seafood dishes have become popular. And the very name of the seabass came from the doors of the restaurant kitchen. In fact, sea bass and lavrak are two names for one common fish of the Moronov family. She is actively caught in many seas. In addition, as the endangered species of wild lavrak in some places protected by law. To supply the consumer sometimes this fish is grown artificially. Sea bass or bay is also found in the Black Sea. Here this fish is an object of sport hunting. Young fish are kept in packs. Adult individuals most often live alone. For the predatory temper and the impressive mouth of the sea bass they are also called the sea wolf. In many European countries, Lavrak is a valuable commercial fish. Currently, you can buy sea bass fish in the trade network both in ice cream and chilled.In the wild, there are quite large specimens weighing up to 8–10 kg and up to 1 m long. In the trade network, sea bass weighing 400–800 g and not more than 30–50 cm in length are often sold. For preparation of fried in a frying pan seabass will take no more than 45 minutes. Of these, 15 minutes - for cutting and preparing fish, and 25 - 30 minutes will be required for its roasting.


Whole roasted seabass
For two servings of roasted seabass you need:
  • two uncut seabass, weighing 400 - 500 g each each;
  • pepper, ground 3-4 g;
  • salt coarse 6-7 g;
  • spicy herbs and other spices 2-3 tsp. ;
  • butter 60 ml;
  • lemon;
  • flour 70 - 80 g.

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