Flowers from napkins

Modern masters and needlewomen are able to create a masterpiece from any available materials. And how many unusual handicrafts can be made from ordinary paper napkin! Advantages of this material is that it is easy to work with, it quickly takes the necessary form, besides it is inexpensive. A stylish decoration of any room will be flowers from napkins. If you compose a composition from several types of colors in different shades, you can add any interior design to this craft.

Flowers from napkins

First-time needlewomen are better off doing simple crafts. If you follow the instructions step by step, the first time you can get beautiful flowers from paper. This article provides tips on making handmade napkin colors for beginners. Acquainted with the material and mastering the technique, go on to more complex structures. Study several master classes with step-by-step photos, and you can make great flowers from napkins. Crafts from napkins can not only decorate any house, but also become an original gift for the holiday.

Flowers from napkins master class with step by step photos

Flowers made of paper with their own hands are made in stages. The easiest way to master the technique of performing flowers, studying step-by-step photos and videos of the best masters of their craft. By following these instructions, everyone can make original paper napkin flowers with their own hands.

Napkin Topiary

The most unusual and beautiful hand-made article can be considered a napkin topiary. Topiary - a small flower tree that will transform any interior. It has a round shape, and the color can be any. The layout of topiariya is very simple.

Flowers from napkins

To make such flowers from paper napkins you will need:

  1. napkins of any size and color;
  2. wire;
  3. stapler;
  4. a small wooden stick;
  5. flower pot;
  6. newspaper or foam ball
  7. decorative elements (ribbons, beads, beads)
  8. glue, scissors.

If all materials are ready, you can get to work. First fold the napkin, forming a square.

Flowers from napkins

Center all the layers together with a stapler and cut a circle, which may be uneven. In a circle we make small cuts to give the flower additional volume. Then we lift up each layer of our circle, forming a flower.

Flowers from napkins

In advance, you need to prepare a round base, cutting it out from foam or crushing a few sheets of newspaper. Glue the base to the stick - the trunk and insert into the flower pot. Instead of land in the pot, you can pour putty or plaster. We paste the finished flowers on the substrate with the help of glue. We decorate flowers with decorative elements.

Flowers from napkins

Topiary with their own hands can be done by other schemes, templates. Sometimes they glue the tape to the base with flowers and hang it on the wall. You can not use the stem, and then the topiary will look like a bouquet.

Roses from napkins

Rose - the most popular and beautiful flower in the world. For the manufacture of roses you need only 2 napkins for the stalk and the flower itself.

Flowers from napkins

First, make a flower from a red or pink napkin. Cut off the third part of it and fold this piece in half. We bend the upper part of the napkin. Hold the top of the napkin so that you wrap the index finger around the napkin. Twist the bottom of the napkin and straighten the petals.

For the manufacture of the stem completely straighten the green napkin, and then wrap it with the lower edge of the bud. You can make a leaf, gently pulling the edge of the napkin in the middle of the stem.

Another option to create a rose from napkins involves the use of additional materials, such as a wooden or plastic stick, glue, threads.

Flowers from napkins

It is very easy to make such flowers from napkins with your own hands.

We wind a bright napkin on a stick, leaving 5 cm free.

Flowers from napkins

Shift the napkin to the middle on both sides and remove it from the wand, so do 6-7 pieces.

Flowers from napkins

The resulting petals are collected in a bud, fastening threads. With the help of threads we fix the bud on the stalk of a stick wrapped in green paper. The place of connection is masked with a green napkin.

Flowers from napkins

Other flowers of napkins with their hands with a step-by-step photo

At production of flowers use not only napkins, but also corrugated paper. Flowers made of corrugated paper do look natural and elegant with their hands, they are distinguished by a special structure. Consider another option to make flowers from napkins do it yourself for beginners.

Paper clove

Flowers from napkins

Tear off a 1 cm wide part of the napkin to make the edges of the petals rough.

Having unrolled one lapel of napkin, we will fold it with an accordion, forming a bow. Let's wrap the bow in the center with a piece of napkin.On the one hand, the bow is separated layer by layer until the bud is formed, the other part of the bow will be its base. We glue the bud to the stem and collect a beautiful bouquet. Using paper of different structure, shades and sizes, you can get flowers absolutely different from each other.

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