Foamiran hair tie

This decoration in diameter of 11-12 cm will be a great addition to your wardrobe. Foamiran is not afraid of water or the sun.
 foamiran hair tie
To work on the rose, we will need the following materials:
- plastic suede lemon and green. - dry pastel orange and crimson. - wet wipes. - floristic thin wire. - iron. - scissors. - glue gun. - a toothpick. - a large hair tie. And now we will draw templates for a rubber band. For the flower itself, you will need 4 kinds of droplet shaped petals. The smallest will be 4x4 cm in size, they need 12 pieces. The average petal size is 4.5x4.5 cm, and they will need 10 pieces. Large petals will be tedious to 7 pieces in size 5.5 × 5.5 cm. And another huge 5 pieces in size 6.5 × 6.5 cm. For a rose, you still need a substrate 2 pieces in diameter 11 cm. And additionally leaves of two sizes, 2 pieces in 5,5x3 cm wide and 8 pieces 4,5x2 cm. templates for gum
For these templates, cut out all the petals of plastic suede lemon-colored. We apply the template to the suede and circle a toothpick, then cut out these blanks. From the green foyraman, we cut out the leaves and the flower substrate preform.  cut out the blanks of the leaves When all the templates are ready, we begin to tint them. We take a dry pastel first orange, then crimson.  we begin to tint them We apply a damp napkin on the finger and we type pastel orange on it, rubbing it over the paint . Then take the blanks of the petals in turn all and begin to paint them on the wide edge.  rubbing on paint Orange petals will have orange edges. We process them from both sides and let them dry well.
proceed to paint
Now we proceed to paint all blanks with raspberry pastel.But in this case, we only tint the edge, picking up the petals very little.  proceed to paint We also process all blanks and always from two sides.
proceed to painting
We continue to work with blanks. We take a substrate of green color. And use scissors to make notches along the edges.
 We continue to work with blanks
We also cut notches on the leaves.
we cut the notches When all the leaves are processed, proceed to their coloring. We also take a napkin and pastel raspberry color. All green blanks pass with a cloth with paint on the edge on both sides. Let them dry out.
 Give them dry
We continue to work on the petals. They need to give a new form. We will use the heat of the iron, included in the 2 position or wool. We start again with the smallest blanks. Apply alternately to the iron.Then we quickly fold into an accordion.
 We continue to work on the petals
Scroll the upper edge of the petal slightly with your fingers. Then we straighten and with our fingers we stretch the petal in the middle, making a depression like a boat.
 scroll with your fingers
Thus, we process small petals. And all the other blanks of the flower will be with a stronger recess, and plus the upper edges will also bend with your fingers in the direction from the middle. We will get even deeper boat with curved edges.
 scrolling with your fingers
And thus, we process all the other rose petals.
The rose is ready, but the toothpick should be cut off and stuck in its place ready-made floral backing. We fix them in a checkerboard pattern.
 foamiran hair tie
Now we paste 3 sprigs with leaves.
gum for hair from Foamiran
We apply glue for fastening and immediately insert into it a hair elastic.
 hair elastic from Foamiran
We take a little green tape to close the glue joints. We also fix it with a glue gun.
 Foamiran hair elastic
That's all.Our hair tie “Veronika” is ready.
 foamiran hair tie
Good luck to all.

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