Folk remedies for hair health

Precautionary measures

However, grandmother's recipes have two sides of the coin.

  1. Not all ingredients from folk remedies are neutral, there is a danger of allergic reactions. Therefore, before using these or other recipes, you need to make sure that the body calmly accepts all their components.
  2. Need to consult a doctor. Bad brittle hair can be the result of some kind of internal disease, in which no folk remedy will not help.
  3. It must be remembered that the action of natural remedies does not have a sustainable and lasting effect. Any course should be alternated with other means, so that the hair received food from different sources.
  4. Herbs taken for masks and decoctions should be grown independently or taken from a reliable source, because products of unknown origin can harm curls even more.

folk hair products

Shampoos and masks from natural ingredients for healthy hair

  1. Shampoos on a natural basis - very useful, but not the only means that nourishes the curls. Much more effectively they will act together with masks. They need to be applied to the hair for at least an hour, and to enhance the effect of “warming up” the head, that is, wear a warming film or towel. Masks are recommended to do 1-2 per week, no more often, especially not to get involved in those that include oils, they are difficult to wash off and can ruin the hair with frequent use.
  2. Herbal shampoo with beer: mix 50 grams of calendula, pour this mixture of unfiltered beer, bring to a boil and set aside. When the mixture settles, it is necessary to filter it and can be used as a shampoo.
  3. Shampoo with eggs and yogurt: a beaten egg must be mixed with a glass of yogurt (previously heated) and apply this mixture on the head. Wind up your hair with a towel, hold for about an hour, then rinse and rinse with a herbal decoction of nettle or chamomile.
  4. Mask for greasy hair: put boiled burdock roots (grams 50) in a ceramic pot and add 25 grams of nettle, birch leaves and yarrow.

hair folk remedies

With regular use of folk remedies, your hair will regain its health and beauty.

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