Forbidden! 7 models of swimsuits that are complete

It is worth buying them only if you are absolutely sure of the ideality of your proportions.

Yes, you heard right - a swimsuit that covers the minimum of the body can also be full. Girls, whose size does not go beyond the 44th Russian, in principle, can afford almost any model of a swimming suit, risking only that they do not give their proportions in the most favorable light. Young ladies who are worried about the presence of extra centimeters in places where they are not happy at all should be very careful: you have a number of taboos and a list of strict recommendations for choosing a swimsuit.

Low neckline thigh

Low-neck bikini swims shorten the legs
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Thigh neckline
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Swimsuits that are very deeply trimmed in the hips - for the perfect figure
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First of all, you should pay attention to the model. When it comes to correcting the most unsuccessful figure, the main thing you should not allow is a visual shortening of the legs.It is usually achieved through the purchase of a swimsuit, which inadequately decolte the zone of the beginning of their growth. And in this case we are talking about both separate and continuous models. The bottom should adequately demonstrate the bikini area, without stealing the cherished centimeters at the feet, not distorting the proportions and not making you more overweight. However, this does not mean that all polls should wear fashionable swimsuits that are deeply decolted today in the thigh zone: such models require the ideal state of the above zone. In order not to fall into the risk group, choose models with an average fit on the hip.

Overplanting bottoms

High-rise swimsuits extend the hips
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Gigi Hadid has expanded her hips with high-rise swimming trunks
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Even super fine hips Kendall Jennar really disfigure
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For bikini models that require the perfect figure, there are also options with a high fit. It would seem that by lifting the waist line, we must visually lengthen the legs, thereby stretching the figure and becoming slimmer ... But, unfortunately, this technique, which works perfectly in the field of trouser selection, is absolutely not suitable for creating a corrective beach wardrobe.The fact is that wide trousers allow us to veil other nuances that indicate the true zone of growth of our legs, while a bikini leaves no chance to cheat. As a result, the inflated landing and legs are not long, and the waist does not feed in the most favorable light, expanding the body in the groin area.

Bad cuts

The cuts should not expand the body, cutting it horizontally
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The purpose of the incisions is to correct deficiencies, not to aggravate the problem
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To adjust some parts of the body are capable of solid swimsuits with visual effects in the right places. Color contrasts and various cuts and cuts help in this matter. Pay attention to the phrase "right places", as it is key here. When choosing a model with cuts, make sure that they do not in any way cut you in a horizontal direction. Only verticals! Also pay attention to the fact that in the area of ​​the open body were those areas that are the subject of pride. If there are no such areas on your body, just do not buy a model with cuts.

Mesh inserts

Mesh creates a veil of excess volume, increasing you in size
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Mesh inserts work for you when they are dotted
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Many girls mistakenly believe that the mesh, located in the low-density areas of the body, with which swimsuit manufacturers supply their products, somehow disguises the nuances of the figure. Why wrong? Firstly, any transparent elements will always draw attention to the areas where they are located. If we set a goal to hide these nuances, then why draw attention to them? Secondly, any mesh always gives the effect of a certain veil and an undesirable side effect in the form of an increase in volume. The only exception is the black mesh inserts, tight to the body.

Geometry out of place

In the beach group is better to avoid strips of any format.
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Actress Claudia Cardinale and a swimsuit with geometry, correcting the figure
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Modern swimsuit model with stripes that visually make slimmer
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Any visual effects should work on your figure, not against it. This season's fashionable geometry, a strip of different calibers, is a great way to disguise the nuances of a figure, if you know how to handle it.Everyone knows that the horizontal strip is full, so it (especially in continuous models) is better to avoid. However, the vertical strip in beach solutions is also very insidious. Of course, the verticals draw out, but they also expand the space, especially if the wrong print caliber is chosen.

The second problem is that the solid swimsuits, tight figure, make the stripes treacherously expand in the most disadvantageous places. Therefore, if we choose the geometry, then we give up the direct quotation of the striped trend, and we give preference to geometric color blocks, which allow us to correct the nuances, or choose print forms that have the potential for correction, for example, diamonds.

Large drawings

Large flowers can make you a flower bed
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Large peas are fattening and giving age
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Hand in hand with a strip, other trend-prints have entered our fashionable life - peas, flower and leopard, which are equally dangerous for exploitation in the beach dressing group. The main problem is that such chaotic prints leave no chance to visually correct the shape, turning a woman into a flower bed, a leopard or a polka dot tablecloth.If you choose a solid swimsuit under a leopard or polka-dot, it is better to give preference to a model in which the trend is quoted only for some details, and not the entire array of fabric. For example, it would be better if the leopard is complemented with black inserts on the sides, and the flower is supported by relevant cuts showing advantageous body areas.

Reflective textures

Brilliant textures can create volume in the right places, but in unnecessary too!
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Of course, the sparkling surfaces are not so often found in our beach latitudes as flowers and predatory animals, but the dangers associated with them cannot be discounted. Remember that any reflective surfaces create volume. It is not so bad if the swimsuit model is separate - the bulges appear on the buttocks and in the push-up zone. But when a solid model turns out to be brilliant, the situation becomes dangerous, since the excess volume is also formed at the waist and in everything that your oblique abdominal muscles hide from the public. As with prints, when choosing sparkling swimsuits do not risk centimeters waist and pay attention to models in which the brilliance is supported by some adequate solutions to cut.

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