Fragrant and unique raspberry honey

An amazing product, presented to man by nature - raspberry honey - is obtained by pollinating raspberry flowers with bees. Its amazing properties and rich taste are sure to be appreciated by everyone who tastes this sweet delicacy.

A unique complex of vitamins and elements, which contains raspberry, was transferred to the product: thanks to it, it is possible to significantly improve immunity, improve health, improve appearance and cure certain diseases. The amazing properties of this healing product will be discussed in this article.

general characteristics

Bees get honey from raspberries, flying around a forest or garden raspberry, and collecting nectar from it. It is surprising that during the flowering of raspberries, the bees can ignore the honey plantations nearby: this is due to the special structure of the raspberry flower. During the extraction of nectar over the bee, a natural canopy is formed, protecting it from external adverse effects.This helps to collect nectar even on rainy days.

The main period of honey collection begins in June. Since raspberries are a very common planting and are present in many household plots, bees collect an impressive amount of raw materials from its undergrowth: up to 50 kg per hectare. From the forest species, insects collect even more - up to one hundred kilograms. In favorable conditions, with high humidity and with a warm summer, 1 bee family can create about 3 kg of honey per day.

When the product is pumped out from the honeycomb in the fall, you can see a light golden, amber color and inhale a fragrant smell, reminiscent of raspberry flowers. The taste of honey is mild, there is no bitterness. Over time, while the honey is stored, it gradually crystallizes, becomes fine-grained in consistency and acquires a creamy hue.

Do not be afraid of this: the disease properties of such a product are no less. As for the composition, then there are 2 varieties of natural sugar - levulose and glucose, which provide high energy and nutritional properties.

Use, harm and healing qualities

Raspberry honey has good digestibility, and at the same time is not deprived not only useful, but also healing properties.This honey variety helps to restore the nervous system after an overload, to restore the tone and vigor to the body after prolonged physical exertion.

According to the recipes of traditional medicine, it is best to use the product with milk or warm tea shortly before bedtime, in order to normalize the functioning of the respiratory system. This method is especially relevant in the offseason, when cold and slush bring colds and viral diseases. In addition, it can be used as a prophylactic agent to strengthen the immune system.

For treating a cold or a runny nose, as well as sore throat, there is another old, but very effective way - inhalation. For the procedure you will need a tablespoon of honey and a porcelain teapot with hot water (about 200 ml). The components are thoroughly mixed and inhaled for half an hour through the tea spout.

This procedure is effective immediately before falling asleep, and the duration of its implementation is at least 10 days. You can supplement the healing procedure by drinking honey syrup with the addition of horseradish juice.

Even in ancient times, this variety was known for its amazing characteristics: it was in high demand, especially among women who treated them with various female ailments.

In addition, healers used the product to treat mucosal inflammations and successfully used with stomatitis. Some doctors also believe that such a product has a beneficial effect on the treatment of diseases of the stomach and intestines.

The vitamins C and A contained in the composition have a positive effect on the general condition of the body. Raspberry honey - a great way to get rid of chronic fatigue: with apathy or lack of energy it is recommended to use it systematically, ensuring the daily supply of medicinal honey in the body.

Raspberry cream honey is a great help during recuperation after physical overload or mental work, it will have a beneficial effect on mental activity during reports or examinations.

Due to its mild effect on the nervous system, it has a pronounced sedative effect and is therefore useful for neurosis and emotional overstrain.

In addition, he even heals insomnia, for which it is mixed with milk and consumed directly overnight. Excellent antiseptic properties help to fight with various eye inflammatory phenomena: for example, during conjunctivitis, the lotions with honey solution are quite effective.

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