From 2 800 to 50 000 rubles: where to buy an autumn coat of a dream?

Well, so that the drama finally turned into an action-packed melodrama with signs of a comedy, go in search of a new coat. In the fall, it replaces us with several types of clothing combined, and at the same time uplifting, like a bright cocoon in which you feel great.

Coat of neoprene, 2 799 rubles

Something in between a sports jacket and a light coat, so in fact this thing is suitable for those who often wear skirts and dresses, and for those who are looking for outerwear for going to the gym. Plus to functionality - the effective material imitating a neoprene which holds the volume and a form of a thing.

Coat Stradivarius

Coat Stradivarius (2 799 rub.)

Long coat made of cotton, 4 299 rubles

There are so many check prints on the catwalks that we simply had to include at least one coat in this traditional outerwear color. The extended style refers to the fashion of the 70s, but the cell on a white background - to the romance of the 60s.

Mango Coat

Coat Mango (4 299 rub.)

Coat with leopard print, 7 599 rubles

On the catwalks the next “invasion” of the leopard pattern, in connection with which we again remembered such a “beast”, like a coat with a predatory print. Ten years ago, such models were at the height of fashion, and magazines instructed to wear them with leather trousers and narrow-leg boots. As if nothing has changed in fashion, right?

Zara coat

Coat Zara (7 599 rub.)

Double-breasted coat with the addition of wool, 9 999 rubles

We will put this model in the selection especially for those who are tired of a beige coat as the only synonym for classic autumn clothes. We all like to sing ode beige because it is an “expensive” shade. However, ashy gray in luxury does not yield to him in any way.

Uniqlo Coat

Coat Uniqlo (9 999 руб.)

Double-breasted coat with the addition of wool, 12 599 rubles

We replenish our collection of autumn coats of unusual shades. This copy is not only good shade - gloomy, but stylish "dusty" blue, but also a classic men's double-breasted coat cut.

Zara coat

Coat Zara (12 599 rub.)

Coat, coat of wool and cashmere, 21 800 rubles

Still, Russian brands have one significant advantage over Italian-French competitors: they know how to make coats for our real winter, and not “toy” warmed capes that serve only in the first two weeks of September.

Coat bathrobe I Am Studio

Coat, bathrobe I Am Studio (21 800 rub.)

Quilted coat, 31 600 rubles

The brutal truth: in designer multi-brand stores at a price limit of up to 50,000 rubles and without discounts, only raincoats, light raincoats and completely frivolous thin coats of wool are found. As an exception, perhaps polyester polyester coats that promise to last in our climate until at least mid-October.

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