From summer to autumn: the most interesting trends for August and September

The collections of the pre-fall season are usually similar to boxes of gift chocolates, where you can find literally anything you like: summer dresses, jackboots, pretty sheathed sheepskin coats, and beach accessories. And taking into account the work of professionals, all these things from completely different weather epochs are mixed in complex and original stylistic combinations in which wool and silk, closed and open, fur and lace, bright colors and “winter” black are found. We studied the design collections of the pre-fall 2016 season for interesting finds that can claim to be fashion trends, and found some great ideas that can be adopted right now, without waiting for a cold snap.

Denim suit

Valentino, pre-fall 2016

In the pre-fall 2016 collections there is again as never a lot of denim, and in the form of suits in various interpretations: with a top in the form of a jacket, a short jacket or a bomber jacket and a bottom in the form of a skirt, shorts or flared jeans.As a result, in one set, several epochs and even seasons are interwoven at once, because some costumes are trimmed with "winter" fur, and some - "summer" embroidery in the form of butterflies.

Street style

40s style dresses

Altuzarra, pre-fall 2016

The most popular dress model in the pre-fall collection of 2016 looks like a thing from post-war photography in the mid-1940s - modestly closed against the background of night dresses, without a deep neckline, but with a well-defined waistline and a small vintage pattern. We take something similar to weapons in the summer, with sandals, and in the autumn, with half boots on the hairpin.

Street style

Strange shoulders

J. W. Anderson, pre-fall 2016

The founder of his own name brand J.W. Anderson, Jonathan Anderson is one of those designers who are not afraid to experiment with new forms and readings of already familiar things, therefore you can see Anderson's collection as an exciting photo session from the carnival. And some specimens cling - for example, tops with strange shoulders, which, incidentally, have also met with Valentino and Opening Ceremony.

Street style

Asymmetrical skirts

Joseph, pre-fall 2016

With each season, it is less and less believed that in the styles of skirts and trousers you can still come up with something new, but the designers are trying very hard. In the collections of pre-fall 2016, we found several very similar models of skirts,which repel from classical midi with order from the 70s, but at the same time have a non-standard form with asymmetric elements.

Street style

Socks slippers

3.1 Phillip Lim, pre-fall 2016

If the fashion for home shoes could be brought to the apogee, it was only in the way that Phillip Lim did: adding to the ultra-fashionable leather slippers for the last two seasons, the most usual high socks to match the color, getting some kind of interseasonal shoes look without a smile.

Street style

Male / Female

Givenchy, pre-fall 2016

Givenchy in the collection of pre-fall 2016 came up with a great example of the most difficult combination that we discussed in the announcement. Feminine and courageous things, military and boudoir, pink and black colors, floral print and rivets - all typical extremes that make up one spectacular combination exactly for our weather on the border of summer and autumn, are mixed in this image.

Street style

New old leopard print

Sonia Rykiel, pre-fall 2016

A sufficient number of designers repeated in their pre-fall 2016 collections Kate Moss's favorite leopard coat to build this thing into micro-trend status. But in order not to rush the weather events, we have not stopped on a coat, but on a leopard top, and in the interpretation given to this “predatory” thing by the Sonia Rykiel brand,- with a turtleneck in the form of the lower layer (however, in August, you can safely do without it), culottes and sandals.

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