Full Mediterranean food (part 1)

Of course, the best option would be to contact a nutritionist. But in life, everyone tries to rely on the experience of friends or act by trial and error. But the principle of the Mediterranean diet is aimed primarily at restoring the health of the body. Following the following recommendations, you will noticeably improve the appearance, shape and overall condition of the body.

Vegetables and fruits

Mandatory consumption of vegetables in large quantities, boiled, stewed and raw. This is the basis of the Mediterranean diet. A large amount of vitamins and elements is complemented by a positive effect on peristalsis and intestinal activity due to a large amount of fiber. It is important not to forget about fruits being the most easily digestible food, they are rich in minerals in organic form and vitamins and fiber.

Fish dishes

The variety of such amazing: boiled, stewed and grilled dishes.It is better to refuse fried and various fishchips cooked in deep fat. Fish dishes are combined with a large variety of vegetable salads, which will be very useful for us. Various seafood is also included in this diet. Do not forget about the salted fish, it is as useful as boiled. But what should be excluded is smoked fish.

Dairy products

Complete absence of fat-containing dairy products in the menu will protect your blood vessels and heart. Excessive consumption of animal fat is the first cause of cardiovascular diseases. It is better to give preference to non-fat cottage cheese or non-fruit yogurt (sugar is added to fruit yogurt). If you can not at all without cheese, then you should choose the cheese with the lowest fat content, not necessarily smoked and preferably prepared using rennet. Rennet enzyme wins on the usefulness of fungal ferments.

Olive oil

Dressing for most salads is the first cold-pressed olive oil. Vegetable oil is not a heat treated one of the most important elements of proper nutrition.Oil first cold pressed all without exception.

In addition to olive oil, they are very tasty and popular: corn, peanut, walnut, flax, sesame. Fried foods are excluded from the food, but if you can not give up on them completely, cook them in refined oil, this oil is cleared of impurities that, if heated strongly, harm the body and lead to various diseases.

Continued in the second part of the article.

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