Furniture for anteroom - Italy begins with a threshold

To design the interior of your own home in the Italian style is the choice of people with delicate taste, lovers of beauty, elegance, comfort. And, of course, so that the spirit of this beautiful Mediterranean country could be felt literally right at the door, it would be right to start creating a style from the hallway. This is not an easy task and, before embarking on it, you need to have information about the subtleties of such a design.

The Italian style can be easily confused with the French style, but knowing the nuances of the case will help you not to be mistaken. And the furniture for the hallway in Italy will allow you to recreate the interior in all the small details!

Secrets of interior style in the spirit of Italy


Italians simply adore the open space, the light, the abundance of air. And if you own your own home or modern urban apartment, then do not save space at the expense of the hallway! A large window and the presence of sufficient artificial light will be very appropriate in this room when creating the chosen style.But if the room at the entrance to the apartment is small, you need to choose a light finish for the walls, hang a large mirror or a pair of mirrors and arrange several sources of lighting.

hallway furniture italy


The presence of natural materials - stone, wood, bamboo, metal, fabrics will highlight the chosen direction of interior design. As for the walls, the use of brick, masonry will be a good move here. Sex can attract a view with a mosaic tile or an indescribable texture of natural stone. In addition, a stone, such as, for example, marble, can be used for the tabletop console, cabinets, flowerpot.


Even in a small room, it is desirable to place the plants necessarily live. Italy - the country of the approval of life, love, sensuality, so artificial flowers in the house is not the place!


The interior design in the Italian style, also called Tuscan or Mediterranean, is characterized by warm, soft colors. Therefore, in the hallway it will be appropriate to use ocher-yellow shades, terracotta, olive, light brown.Shades like no other convey the comfort and mildness of the Mediterranean climate.

Important Accessories

It is the small details that are the strokes that help complete the picture of the interior in the chosen concept. If there are windows in the hallway, choose curtains and blinds for them from natural types of fabrics - sackcloth and bamboo. And Roman curtains here will be like nowhere else.

Classics and modernity - two "whales" of the interior

Today, most of the collections of furniture for the hallway from Italy are represented by two areas - classical and modern. The “classic” style includes respectable and solid wardrobes, cumbersome, with a unique carving dressers, elegant consoles and hangers, mirrors in carved frames, and stools. All furniture is made of solid wood of very dark shades, and forged elements act as decorative elements in it.

Another opposite style of furniture is “modern”. Furniture for hallways, made in this modern style, can be made using chipboard and MDF. The design of furniture items are easy, the presence of large swing doors or sliding doors in cabinets (wardrobes). Furniture made in a modern style, ergonomic, comfortable, simple.Italian hallways, decorated with this type of furniture, can be decorated with objects made of glass and plastic. As for the color of the room, here you can not limit your imagination at all!

It is clear that to equip the room, called the hallway, you must take into account its dimensions. In the presence of a small area it is better to limit yourself to the interior in the spirit of minimalism, but in a large hallway you can make a beautiful hall with real Italian pomp and luxury!

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