"Golden Pyramid" in the city on Sur

On March 5, the first musical-poetic concert of the year was held in Penza as part of the Golden Pyramid art project. It was attended by famous young talented creative personalities of Penza in the person of the author-singer Ksenia Kichkidova and the laureate of the poetic festival "Mtsyri", which was held in Moscow, the poetess Ekaterina Rylina. A guest from Saratov, Elena Kalyakina, also appeared on the stage, accompanied by her musical group LED (Amateurs of This Cause). From this followed the original name of the event SMART GIRLS.
Photo: archive of press services

The holiday turned out really spring and incendiary. For an hour and a half, the girls kept numerous listeners in a creative tone. Poetess Ekaterina Rylina performed her new poetic show. Ksenia Kichkidova (Soldatkina), as always, fully justified the guests' expectations with her unique style, voice and lyric songs. A musical show from Saratov was the perfect final chord of this evening.

Photo: archive of press services

Guest reviews were extremely positive:

“Individuality, mind and beauty And the work of a refined look! Today spring has visited us, Thank you, smart girls and “Golden Pyramid!”
“Oh, what exquisite magic and charm! And each is special and good! Spring! Love!!! Ekaterina Rylina (virtuoso poetics), Ksenia Kichkidova (ballads with a guitar about love and the most important) and Elena Kalyakina (Saratov) with a group (super-duper cool peppers with great vocals and instrumental) made this evening inimitable. Thank you, “Golden Pyramid”, thank you, girls! ”

On such an enthusiastic note, the evening ended.

We express our gratitude to our main information partners - the magazine "TELESEM", the WDAY portal and personally the director Irina Balandina for the support and valuable gifts to the artists.

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