Goose in cowberry sauce and zucchini risotto: what is fed at the Confederations Cup

What VIP-halls for honored guests look like in Woman's Day report.

The Confederations Cup, which started in Russia this weekend, is not only unpredictable matches between the strongest countries of their continents, but also traditional Russian hospitality. As it should be in such tournaments, all the arenas of the championship are beautifully decorated, dozens of friendly volunteers help each fan to get to the place, and the Metro has been training its English for the first time in history for the sake of big football. But the most pleasant thing is that special guests will be equipped with special spacious halls, so-called VIP zones, for special guests inside the stadiums. And they have their own division - Silver, Gold, Platinum and others. And in one of them, Gold, in the Moscow arena of Spartak during the Sunday match Cameroon - Chile was visited by a Woman’s Day correspondent ...

In the Gold zone, mostly different businessmen were hanging out - sponsors and just football fans.Tables with easy chairs for them occupied the whole two spacious rooms. For beauty, elegant vases with salty bread sticks were placed on them, and the rest of the treats had to be applied independently at one of two long buffets.

Buffet starts with cold snacks. Hospitable Russia offered not to deny anything and prepare a salad on its own, putting in several trays the freshest and healthiest ingredients - rucola, chard (type of beet), dried tomatoes, fresh cherry and cucumber, baked Bulgarian pepper, olives and olives, feta cheese . For those who are too lazy to mix on their own, please - bowls with ready-made mixes: salmon with Dijon mustard, roast beef with cheese and spinach, duck fillet with cherry, orange and kumquat.

With such an assortment, the guests had to restrain themselves a little, otherwise there would not be enough space to taste the hot. They served marinier salmon with young zucchini sauce, mini chicken steak with tomato salsa, zucchini risotto and asparagus. It was still in the trays at the buffet and required a separate lining, and for those who wanted the main course to be served by the chef,organized the whole cutting station! There, a chef in a white cap right at status fans cleverly cut off a piece of goose, poured it with cranberry sauce and put a baked apple next to it, or collected a wok with beef and vegetables, or grilled quesadilla with coals, cheese and vegetables on the coals. Another chef was scooping up a cheese from a giant circle of cheese with a sharp knife.

And this was not enough for them: now and then the waiters walked around the tables and handed out unusual canapés - veal with pistachios and herring under a fur coat, more like a herring roll with beetroot sauce. He looked rather strange, but everyone understood: it was Russia that intended to surprise everyone with an unusual serving of a classic dish, and therefore excusable.

The organizers also took care of the guests from the playing teams, as well as those who supported them that evening: in honor of Cameroon, they cooked bulgur with olives and dried tomatoes, and those who enjoyed spicy Chilean cuisine were pleased with the most tender steak with pepper sauce.

For dessert, a variety of flag colors cakes were put in, it looks like all national teams and a scattering of fruit. The children, when I was allowed to take the sweets they liked home, and even carefully gave out the packaging, which I had never seen in other championships in such zones.

I have been in such VIP compartments and at the Champions League final in Berlin, and at the Euro 2016 matches in France, and I honestly say that ours is the most delicious. And also - the most responsible: usually a couple of waiters walk between the tables, while in Moscow, not only the hawkers but also the cooks, about twenty at a time, followed everything to be perfect.

In Europe, after the final whistle, only cheese, bread and fruit with sweets were left on the tables in such VIP-zones, and in ours and after the match that brought Chile victory 0-2, there was everything on the tables - duck, goose and cherries oranges, and with apples.

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