Graceful mittens (mittens)

Elegant mittens (mittens)with their own hands - fleece gloves: light, warm and quickly drying.

Materials and tools:

  1. fleece fabric;
  2. cotton fabric
  3. thread;
  4. pearls;
  5. beads;
  6. paper for the pattern;
  7. scissors;
  8. pencil;
  9. sewing machine;
  10. wooden sushi stick.

Step 1

Draw a pattern of mittens and cut. We impose patterns on a fleece fabric and we circle. Cut out the details for mittens with an allowance of 0.5 cm on the seams. We do not leave an allowance on the edges of the mittens. &Nbsp;

We cut out two circles of different diameters from cotton fabrics. We'll make a big circle for polka dots, and smaller ones with larger ornaments.

Step 2

Fold the edges of the circles inward and mark in a circle with a needle and thread to match the fabric. Tighten the thread, fasten and get a round billet.

Step 3

Next, take the front part of the mitten and begin to decorate it. Sew a round billet to the center of the mitten.We take the second round billet of a smaller size and sew on top with a decorative stitch. Next, sew decorative beads, pearls and beads for decoration.

Step 4

We stitch the upper part of the mitten. We take the two parts and also grind them around the perimeter. When we reach the seam near the finger, move it away.

Step 5

Zigzag scissors cut off excess fabric. This cut will not allow the fabric to crumble and make the edge more flexible.

Step 6

Next, we grind off the mitten completely, leaving a place for turning. We process the edges with a decorative seam in two threads. Sewing decorative ribbons.

Elegant mittens (mittens)ready.

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