Groups "Hands Up!", "Caste", Stas Mikhailov and other stars who will visit Penza with tours

Group "Hands Up!"

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Grandiose shows of a popularly loved band always with a full house! “Hands Up!” Is a unique band that has gone from provincial discos to roaring stadiums. This is music that is loved by millions of people all over the world! These are songs whose rotations on the radio have broken all records! These are albums that have gained the deserved status of platinum! This time the group comes to Penza with a big anniversary concert.

When:September 28, 8:00 p.m.

Where:Diesel Arena

Ticket price:1000–2000 rubles


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LI N D A - a mystery girl, a legend girl, a phenomenon of Russian musical history! The singer, whose work cannot be counted among any genre, which leads music and songs into her own special reality,torn everyday life and familiar musical patterns.

When:September 29, 19:00

Where:Frau gross

Ticket price:1200–2800 rub.

Group "Casta"

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Casta will present a new album in Penza. It is hard to believe, but “The Four-headed Screaming” is only the third numbered record of “Caste” in the 20 years of the group's existence! Last release "Byl in the eyes" came out as much as 9 years ago. The paths of the guys did not diverge, just Vlady, Snake, Hamil and Shym were engaged in solo projects, shot clips, saved up potential.

When:September 30, 20:00

Where:KRC "Square"

Ticket price:from 1,000 to 2,000 rubles.


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Over thirty years, many people have appeared in different cities and countries who need a CHAIF and who are needed by CHAIF. They are dedicated to the new tour group.

When:October 12, 19:00

Where:KKZ "Penza"

Ticket price:1400–3500 rub.

Vika Tsyganova

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In the singer's discography there are several dozen solo albums, each of which contains songs that are known and loved by millions of people in Russia. The singer has repeatedly become the winner of the famous music prize "Chanson of the Year."

When:October 23, 19:00

Where:Penza Drama Theater

Ticket price:1000–2800 rub.

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