Hair mousse: why is it needed?

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In the arsenal of almost every girl today there is mousse for hair. It is used for the construction of hairstyles and hair styling - festive and everyday. Mousse helps to fix the hair, gives them pomp and density.

What is mousse

First, let's figure out what is mousse. This product is sold in small bottles of metal with a dispenser. In appearance, it resembles a shaving foam that men use. But this is where the similarity ends.

The main purpose of the mousse - giving strands of elasticity and obedience. The goal of any girl is to choose the right option based on the state and structure of the curls. For example, the owners of damaged hair due to frequent dyeing or curling is suitable mousse, which returns shine and health.

Owners of thin and naturally weak hair should use wax or foam conditioner. Those who are not lucky to get a radiant and beautiful shade of hair, can use a mousse with a touch. They make hair expressive.

Hair mousse: why is it needed?


In an independent category it is worth withdrawing funds that differ in the level of fixation.It is maximal, medium and weak. In this situation, the choice is based on the purpose for which you need a mousse.

Mousse is often confused with foam, but these funds differ from each other in the way they act on curls.

For daily use enough weak fixation. Medium fixation is required to create easy styling. And for the construction of the evening hairstyle a strong fixation is suitable, because the styling should be luxurious for a long time. Superstrong fixation is also allowed.

The difference between mousse and other fixing means is that it has an almost weightless and light structure, so it does not make the curls blind and does not make them heavy. Mousse will protect strands from the negative effects of thermal devices. But often girls do not understand the difference between foam and mousse. Yes, the composition of this cosmetics almost coincides, it is used for one purpose. But the difference is present: the foam differ in the density of the texture, increases the volume. Mousse has a drying effect, it does not add fragrances, so it is suitable for those who suffer from allergies.

Pros and cons of mousse

Like other styling products, mousse has pros and cons.First consider the advantages:

mousse is suitable for fixing any hair;
correct application helps to avoid sticking the strands;
gives protection from negative factors;
gives curls elasticity and radiance;
there is no sharp smell;
helps styling persist;
mousse with useful additives saturates the curls and strengthens them.

Among the disadvantages are the following points:

can not fix too thick, long curls. Owners of thick hair should use special varnishes and foams;
when applied, it is difficult to determine the required volume;

Hair mousse: why is it needed?

The disadvantage may not strengthen the hairstyle in the required way, because it will disintegrate. A surplus gives hair a greasy and untidy look, which disappears only after shampooing.

Varieties of mousses

There are several varieties of mousses. They can be of different degrees of fixation: medium, strong, weak and superstrong. Often, girls do not trust medium and weak fixation, believing that they do not give the desired result. But in practice with incorrect application of strong means you will harm your hair.

For example, if you have dried, damaged, sparse and thin curls, then choose a mousse with weak fixation or foam. There is no drying effect in it.

Like other means, mousses have pros and cons. It is worth noting that the correct application eliminates the problems and shortcomings.

In order to make styling on the hair, prone to fat, fit the mousse with the highest fixation. Wax-mousse not only helps the strands to maintain the desired shape, but also gives health and shine. It contains special resins, they have moisture-proof and film-forming qualities. Under the influence of body temperature, natural keratin is modeled.

Mousse conditioner will restore and strengthen the structure of the strands, increase them in volume, give elasticity. It has the easiest consistency. Suitable for weak curls, devoid of moisture.

Tint mousse is used to refresh the tone, enhance shine, adjust and tint the shade. It helps to give the shining dress a radiant color, but it will not allow you to radically change the image. Also, do not use it if you have more than 20% gray hair, for lightening and dyeing too blond hair. It is suitable for imparting tone to different curls. For this you should use a foil cap with holes for curls.

Curly hair remedy will help make curly curls more radiant and docile.It contains components such as: conditioning elements and panthenol. Because of this, the curls acquire elasticity, obedience, but do not become glued. In addition, it will protect against moisture and ultraviolet radiation.

Brightening mousse helps brighten the strands in one application for a couple of tones. It is much easier to use than other means. As a result, you can get a beautiful light shade.

Rules for choosing mousse

When purchasing, be sure to follow the rules for choosing mousse. It is important in the store to pay attention to the composition of the funds. In a quality mousse alcohol should not be present in the composition, because it dries the strands and does not allow them to breathe.

Prefer products with vitamins A, E and B, ceramides and elements that protect the hair from ultraviolet radiation. The latter includes benzophenone and SLX parsol. Sniff mousse before buying. A quality tool should smell good. Pay attention to the presence of the instruction and study the cylinder. It should not contain any damage, scratches, dents, etc.

Rules for applying mousse

In order to achieve perfect styling, you must follow the rules for applying mousse.Many believe that to get the image you only need to brush the curls. But it is not. Let's figure out how to properly apply the mousse:

Rinse hair thoroughly with shampoo. If you do not have thick or hard curls, then after shampoo apply a softener;
a little dry strands with a towel, and then not too hot air dryer. Remember that mousse is forbidden to apply on completely dried hair. They are required to be slightly moist, but without flowing water;

A wide range of mousses gives you a chance to choose a tool for any purpose. When buying, consider the desired result.

shake the mousse bottle and hold it upright when squeezing out;
apply a little on all the curls near the root, and then spread along the length of the hair with your fingers. You can not lubricate the skin on the head. It is fraught with itching and dermatitis;
in order not to use an excessive amount, apply a little mousse, otherwise you will have to wash your hair again;
after applying to the entire head of hair, comb it with a soft brush or comb with rare teeth;
after applying the mousse, dry and style your hair as usual;
if you want to achieve a “wet” effect, then do not dry your curls with a hair dryer, but let them dry naturally;
if you want to build a lush styling, then apply the mousse only near the roots, not putting on the entire length.

Hair mousse: why is it needed?

In order for the styling to last for a long time, after the procedure you should not immediately go outside. Stay in the room for another 15-20 minutes, and then go on business.

How to give volume to hair

The main purpose of the mousse is not only to create elastic curls, but also in additional volume. If you do not know how to add volume to your hair using mousse, then these recommendations are for you:

divide the moisturized hair into small strands. Now add a little mousse in your palm, holding the balloon vertically. Shake it before it;
Carefully apply the mousse on all strands with your fingers near the base. It is worth tilting your head so that the hair hangs down;
spread the comb mousse evenly over the strands. Using a hair dryer, dry all strands from the roots at the lowest temperature. In this case, you need to lift the curls with your fingers;
if the volume is not strong, then try to slightly raise the curls, creating a comb with a flat comb.This can only be done on completely dry hair.

Application tips

Consider other tips for using mousse on hair. Remember that everything, even the most expensive and professional means, it is important to apply correctly and do not overdo with the amount. Excessive volume of mousse will lead to the fact that your styling will not be luxurious, but untidy and dirty.

Hair mousse: why is it needed?

Determine the required volume obtained by trial and error. The first use is better to plan for free time. Start with a smaller volume, especially if the curls are medium or short in length. For samples, try to squeeze a small ball, like a walnut. If this amount is small, but double the volume.

Proper use will help avoid hair problems. Do not overdo the volume of mousse.

You can not rub the mousses in the skin on the head. It becomes greasy, dandruff appears. Mousse is applied to the roots, and then spread over the entire length of a flat comb with frequent teeth. Try to use the product on wet, but not wet curls. Otherwise, the mousse will drain from them. If the hair is already dry, moisten with water from a spray bottle.

Mousse Manufacturers

Consider the most popular manufacturers of mousses:

Wella (Vella) produces a line of mousses for different types of curls: dry, prone to fat, thin and dyed, weak and normal. These products give shine to the hair and volume. The advantages should include a long fixation, ease of use, the beauty of hair, even with high humidity on the street. There are mousses for the pomp of exhausted curls, curling even hair and straightening curls. The average cost ranges from 450 rubles;
L’Oreal (L'Oreal) creates powerful mousses with an attractive aroma. But, if you believe the reviews, from them the strands are stuck together, and the price is not low. The average cost is within 850 rubles;
Estel (Estel) is truly proud of its own production facilities. According to the reviews, these mousses are suitable for unruly hair. They give locks of health and smoothness. Strands look well-groomed, do not get fat for a long time. Mousses will help curl and align curls. The average cost is about 200 rubles;

Hair mousse: why is it needed?

popular firm Schwarzkopf produces a series of cosmetics for styling called Taft. Among them are present and mousses.They will give the curls not only volume, but also shine. With this tool you will definitely get healthy curls and wonderful styling. But, according to reviews, these mousses have a peculiar sharp aroma that not everyone will like. The average cost is about 150 rubles;

Almost all well-known manufacturers of hair products create lines of mousses. They differ in price and quality.

products for curls Charm Professional have a pleasant aroma, are cheap, give a volume of hair, but are not able to maintain their styling for a long time. In addition, reviews say that they cause irritation to the skin. But there is an exception - the Bio lineup. Mousse contains green tea extract, which helps it to give a strong fixation, volume, grooming and smoothness to the curls. The average cost is very low - 75 rubles;
the popular brand SYOSS (Съёс) is also engaged in the production of a ruler of mousses for curls. They are of different levels of fixation and for different types of curls. This is important to consider when choosing. But the reviews are positive, because the tool keeps styling for a long time and does not weigh down the hair. The average price is 180 rubles.

You can buy mousse in any store cosmetics, salon or point of sale of household chemicals.

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