Half boots: what to wear?

From one season to another half boots always go confident gait. At the same time, they change the shape of the nose, the finish, the height of the heel and continue to be the favorite shoe of women of all ages. Have you decided to buy yourself new stylish booties? What to wear your new clothes? It is worth clarifying this situation right now.

Autumn and spring boots

Not so long ago, there was such a type of booties, as ankle boots. They are simply irreplaceable in cool weather. When light shoes have not yet been put on because of the weather, and it’s time to take off the boots, it is ankle boots or leather half boots that will come to the rescue. If you prefer ankle boots, then remember that the length of the skirt or dress should be either “mini” or “maxi”. The knee-length skirt looks quite nice, but the length to the middle of the calf is in no way matched with either ankle boots or any other type of half ankle boots. An excellent option is a dress of the classical type or a dress with a high waist. Putting on a dress or a skirt, tights play an important role.In autumn or spring, you must wear only tight tights. They can be, as inconspicuous shades, and the brightest and bold colors. Fashionable boots will come to the rescue and to lovers of trousers. So, with ankle boots you can wear absolutely any pants that will cover the top of the shoe. As for the boots, then the pants should be refilled inside. Both the first and the second version of the shoes perfectly fit leggings or leggings, as well as tight pants or jeans. By the way, do not forget about the shorts. The main thing is that they are made of dense matter, and the length can be both long and short. You also need to be able to choose the right top. All sorts of cardigans of different colors and knits, shirts and jackets are perfect for half boots. It is also worth paying special attention to the vests, which can be simply indispensable helpers in creating a discreet business style.

Women's winter boots

They are presented in stores in a variety of options: with round and narrow noses, without a heel or vice versa on a thin hairpin, decorated with rich decor or modest strict models.It is worth noting that the most successful option is the classic half boots. They can be worn with a variety of outfits. They will look equally good not only with trousers, but also with skirts and dresses. Moreover, the length of the skirt must be slightly lower or to the knee. Half boots are perfectly combined with knitted or knitted dresses. In this case, the most suitable model of the skirt is “pencil”. As for trousers or jeans, they are better to choose a straight shape. If in the winter you want to wear a fur coat, then remember that not only long, but also shortened versions of fur coats are combined with half boots.

White and black boots

Of course, not without reason, black is considered the most practical, stylish and elegant. It perfectly combines with any other shades of color palette. That is why it is not difficult to choose a dress for black half boots. Almost any option would be appropriate here. But white half boots are best reserved for publication or a solemn occasion. They can become a worthy pair to your festive dress. Well, if you treat connoisseurs of bright colors, then you should not limit yourself.To date, you can easily buy half boots absolutely any color.

Now, having bought half boots for yourself, you will definitely not get lost, but you will know what, when and how to wear them. Be it jeans, classic pants or a stylish skirt — you'll look equally feminine and elegant. Follow our tips and be beautiful! Have a nice shopping!

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