Halle Berry is again in the role of Bond girl, true, parody

James Bond had hundreds of girls, but one we still remember - an American Jinx from the part Die, but Not Now. And the famous movie scene in which she comes out of the water in an orange bikini and with a knife on her hip. The impeccable, masterly performed role of Halle Berry - she was not the first black girlfriend of 007, but, undoubtedly, the most spectacular!

Jinx was remembered not only by us, but also stand-up comedian Kevin Hart. So the trailer for the documentary Kevin Hart: What Now? About his speech to 50,000 spectators at a sports stadium in Philadelphia, he decided to do in the genre of a spy movie with shooting and, of course, a long-legged girlfriend whose role was entrusted to Holly. Let's see how she coped with the role of the girl special agent the second time? A small spoiler: she refused to get her hands dirty!

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