Handmade bricks in Surgut

Brick by hand molding is a new trend in the building materials market of Surgut. This is a modern European material that allows you to build exclusive beautiful houses. That is why it is very popular with builders throughout Europe and Russia. In addition, it is a versatile material that combines completely different functions.

Decorative functions

Facing handmade brick is most often used for facade work. It looks like a product made without the use of high-precision automation. He has a small roughness, irregularities of the corners. Modern manufacturers do it intentionally. Building stone ENGELS, Nelissen, Terca, CRH should imitate a product manufactured in the 17-19 century. Then the methods of production were imperfect, the stone made of clay turned out rough, differed in size even within the same batch. However, thanks to this, the stones allowed to create a unique laying of walls.Such, what was not in the walls of any other house. Therefore, each house was exclusive, not like the others.

Now in Surgut also individuality is appreciated. Each builder tries to make his house different from others, to make it stand out from the general range, to give more respectability and degree. Therefore, hand-made facing brick came to the market. It also has various irregularities and small flaws, as if it were released by human hands, and not by automatics. Manufacturers make it monophonic in a wide range of colors. However, there is also a motley brick unusual for domestic builders - combining several colors.

Alternating in different ways, a stone of different colors and shades can achieve the effect of exposure to walls of ultraviolet or rain. Traces of such effects appear on the walls only after centuries. Modern buildings can not boast of such appearance. But, using a hand-molded brick, it is possible even in a new building to embody the effect of a noble centuries-old mansion. So in Surgut there are respectable elegant houses, at the same time unique.

Interior Finishing

Very often, this material is used as a finishing material indoors. It has a pleasant natural stone surface. Since this material is able to accumulate heat, it remains warm when touched and helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the room.

The wide variety of colors and textures of the surface, which the company Slavd offers in Surgut, allows you to create a variety of decorative projects. Layed in the walls, this material sets the overall style of the room and allows you to build around the rest of the design.

After building walls of this stone in the rooms, further finishing of these same walls is not required. The brick of hand molding looks beautiful and stylish in itself. It does not need to be painted, plastered or covered with wallpaper. This significantly reduces the cost of finishing works in the premises.

Security Functions

The hand-formed facing brick performs decorative and protective functions at the same time. Its properties allow you to protect internal wall materials. The European stone supplied to Surgut has a brand of strength up to M300,frost resistance F50, water absorption coefficient no more than 10%, and thermal conductivity about 0.46 W / m * C at zero humidity. Such characteristics make this material resistant to water, ultraviolet radiation, low and high temperatures, strong shocks. Because of this, he himself does not change shape and remains very durable for many years. At the same time, it does not allow the walls to freeze and excludes the glaciation of internal materials. The result is that the brickwork maintains the integrity and reliably protects the internal wall materials from the influence of these same factors. This over time leads to significant savings in capital and cosmetic repairs.

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