Happy Cosmonautics Day! Jewelry, clothes and accessories in silver

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

For fabrics with a metallic effect, an eccentric reputation is firmly entrenched: they are compared with space flights and futuristic sagas, sometimes with theatrical costumes, or with disco dresses of inveterate party girls. But the metals themselves do not have such a contradictory characteristic, and we begin to wear the same silver from a very young age without any prejudice. But what if we imagine that clothes of the color of silver are the same decorations, but in a larger format? You don’t wear silver chains and don’t wear ten rings at once, which means that you can follow the measure with silver clothes and mix them carefully with basic wardrobe and calm things. Do not hesitate until you try - in front of you are shoes, clothes and jewelry made of silver that will help bring your share of glitter into your image.

Kimono with sequins

A magnificent thing in the spirit of the next screen adaptation of the "Great Gatsby", to which this time mixed a hippie-chic share. And the most beautiful thing in a kimono is the fact that they miraculously happen to be very domestic, and very sexy - it all depends on the bottom layer.

Kimono Zara with sequins

Zara kimono with sequins (6 999 rub.)

Silver earrings with cubic zirconias

Transparent crystals look spectacular in silver or white gold (although the latter is much more expensive). Lunar metal gives them invisible support and creates the effect that the crystals solely hover in the air.

Earrings SL, silver, zircons

Earrings SL, silver, zircons (order)

Body with Lurex

The warm season is simply created to try something “hot”. Before the time comes for short tops, we suggest to walk on the body, namely, knitwear models that demonstrate the figure in the best possible way.

Bershka lurex body

Bershka Lurex Bodysuit (1,799 rub.)

Satin skirt

The showiness of this thing will unfold in motion: due to the asymmetrical cut, this skirt all the time takes on a different shape and shimmers like liquid silver with the satin sheen of the material.

H & M satin skirt

H & M skirt from satin (2 269 rub. On discount)

Long dress of jersey

Plans for the spring? Find more occasions to wear shiny things, including in such pretentious evening dress patterns on the floor with a “double neckline”: a deep neckline and a fully open back.

River Island Dress

Shiny fabric park

In this park it is especially important to experience the rainy days, which are still waiting for us a lot in the near future. That would be a basic shade of gray and completely replaced by silver, and, perhaps, then the gray days in the calendar would be less.

Ivy Park shiny fabric fabric

Ivy Park shiny fabric park (£ 89)

Silver ring

The shape of this ring reminds us of a spaceship from films about the future. We reconsider fiction before going to bed, and in the morning we indulge ourselves with such stylish decorations from tomorrow.

Ring "Alkor", silver, cubic zirconias

Ring "Alkor", silver, cubic zirconias (to order)

Case for phone

Silver is more expensive than gold for those who do not mind to shine, but do not want to do it too persistently. Agree, a gold-plated phone case is already a kitsch, but silver plated is an ordinary and pleasant look.

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