Headache during pregnancy

I now have the 6th week of pregnancy, and headaches often began to torment me. Who can tell who it was, what medicines can be taken? Advise a good doctor in Moscow.
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Answered on February 1 17:37
I would not advise you to take your own medicines, because the 1st trimester is the most dangerous for the child. Address for a start in female consultation in a residence, hand over all analyzes, the doctor will prompt you what to do.
Answered on February 1 17:43
I, too, almost the entire pregnancy tormented headaches. I was saved by folk remedies - cold compress, massage of the head with the tips of my fingers, sometimes the pain passed after washing my head with warm water. Try more herbal tea from calendula, linden and lemon balm.
Answered on February 1 17:51
Pregnant women in this period, hormonal changes occur - there are headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting. Do not forget that any use of any medication is now undesirable, even contraindicated, so as not to harm the baby. But there are treatments without drugs that are allowed for pregnant women.

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