Hi-tech - style for the modern man (9 photos)

If you prefer everything modern and innovative, then the interior of the apartment will certainly make out in a modern style. For example, hi-tech is practically a look into the future. Find out the features of this style and proceed to design.

Guest room

History of style

Hi-tech is a kind of desire to see the future and to visit it. Such a word from English translates as "high technology." This trend developed from late modernism, and it originated in the 1970s in Great Britain.

Original wall

In the 1980s, this style spread throughout the world and became quite popular. Today, many modern designers choose just such a direction. Virtually all office space are made in this style, which emphasizes their focus on the future.

Special features

Here are some features of high-tech style:

  • The use of materials that are often used to design industrial premises, the lack of familiar materials.
  • Ergonomics and functionality.You will not see anything superfluous and unnecessary in such an interior, and everything that is in it is intended to make life easier for the inhabitants of the room.
  • Abundance of simple forms and straight lines. Often in such an interior there are no intricate figures, bends and other complex elements. All designs are simple and concise.
  • Pragmatism in the planning space of the room. Everything is arranged so that everyone is comfortable.
  • Sufficient lighting.
  • The use of modern advanced technology. Projects are created by experienced designers with the current trends in technology. The room can be filled with various ventilation systems, climate control, air conditioning and so on. This is a real "smart house".

When is this style appropriate?

Style hi-tech can be present in the interior of both apartments and houses. But if we talk about the house, then it should be a modern cottage, and not a small cozy wooden house. The apartment should ideally be spacious enough, although the style will also fit perfectly into a small room, because it implies a minimum of details and a maximum of light.


Zoning of premises

If you need to separate one room from another, then forget about the usual and ordinary doors. Use plastic sliding constructions or glass compartment doors in an aluminum or chrome frame. If it is necessary to divide one room into zones, then use partitions and screens, again made of plastic with metal elements.

Interesting style

Materials and finishing

In the room, decorated in the style of hi-tech, you definitely will not see anything wooden. Materials that are commonly used by designers, ultra-modern and weightless. It can be polished surfaces, glass, plastic, stainless steel, chrome-plated elements, various metals. All this creates an atmosphere of the future and makes the design modern and concise at the same time.

  • The walls can be brick or concrete. About the wallpaper will have to forget, but you can use the paint.
  • The best option for finishing the floor is self-leveling floors. Painting is also acceptable. Parquet, laminate and linoleum are inadmissible.
  • The ceiling can be multi-level pendant or tension.

Color solutions

Colors used in the design of the room, can someone seem boring.Classic white, gray and black prevail, they are basic and background.

Bedroom with a gorgeous view

Such monochrome emphasizes modern elegance and minimalism. But all this can be diluted with blue, red, yellow or green. Color bright spots should not be too much, and they can not be catchy and big.

About prints have to forget. The maximum that you can afford is laconic geometric patterns. But remember minimalism, know when to stop and do not overdo it!

Choice of furniture

Furniture should be as functional and concise. All of it seems to float in the interior. The best option is built-in furniture that can be easily “hidden”. Upholstery of armchairs and sofas can be only monophonic, sustained in tones characteristic for the style: white, gray or black.

Nothing extra

No flowers, plants and other patterns, it will be superfluous. But you can make the sofa play the role of a bright accent, so it can be, for example, red. All items must have simple laconic forms. Welcome glass or plastic racks, small coffee tables with a metal surface.

Be sure to purchase modern furniture with unusual features. So, a sofa can “hide” in a wall or closet, as well as change its shape. A miniature table will turn into a dining table.

Remember that a lot of furniture in the room, decorated in the style of high-tech, should not be. So get everything you need. And forget about the old chairs and sofas with wooden carvings and colorful upholstery.


Lighting in high-tech style plays an important role, it can act as a kind of room decor. No chandeliers, floor lamps and massive wall or table lamps.

Big kitchen

Ideal - built-in LED lamps. And it is possible to arrange such point elements not only in the ceiling, but also along the perimeter of the walls. There must be a lot of light, and it must be original. Use original string lights, hanging structures, spotlights, halogen lamps. But do not overdo it, otherwise the dwelling will turn into an industrial uninhabited zone.



On the windows should write separately. First, forget about wooden frames. Use only plastic and metal. Secondly, the windows should be large.Thirdly, forget about the usual curtains and curtains. The best option - blinds. But you can choose a roll or simple curtains, but certainly light and solid.


Unusual glass or metal figurines, black and white photographs or unusual paintings in metal frames, light compositions are allowed. Often the role of the decor is played by modern technology.

Living room

We make the interior of the rooms

We offer several options:

  • The living room in high-tech style should be spacious and bright. Walls can be painted in gray, make the floor and ceiling white. Under the ceiling, place the suspended light structure, in the middle of the room, put a red sofa and white chairs. Place unusual figurines on the glass shelves of the rack. Hang a large flat-screen LCD TV on the wall, let the tall speakers gleam on the floor.
  • In the bathroom wall and floor tiles. Get a corner semicircular bath, a metal sink and glass shelves. Use metal or chrome elements. No curtains!
  • The high-tech kitchen is modern and very comfortable. Get built-in appliances, modern household appliances.The interior is complemented by kitchen utensils made of stainless steel. In the center there can be metal chairs and a table with a glass top.
  • A bedroom can be quite cozy if the design includes not only monochrome white, gray and black, but also blue, orange, and purple. The bed should be simple and not high. Mirrors and glass surfaces will be appropriate. Keep things in the closet.

Create your own unique modern interior design!

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