Hidden files in Windows. How to find, open and configure access

Hidden files in Windows. How to find, open and configure accessThere are various hidden folders and files in Microsoft operating systems. As a rule, they are not in the list of content on the hard drives of a personal computer (laptop) or USB-drive.

But suddenly something unexpected happened, and you had to open hidden files. Let's look at ways to display hidden folders and files.

But where, then, do they come from? Most often, these are operating system files, the presence and operation of which directly affects the performance of Windows. Therefore, the developers of this operating system have come up with a kind of simple way to protect.

A similar method is used by some user programs in order to eliminate the incorrect operation of the application due to human inattention. Well, in the fewest cases, users hide the folders themselves (in the hope that no one can find them), but this is a completely unreliable method.

Distinguishing ordinary data from closed ones is very simple: the second name and icons (similarly to folders) are semi-transparent. This is so in the case of the display mode hidden folders and files. This mode is specifically made inactive. What should I do to open hidden folders and files?Hidden files in Windows. How to find, open and configure access

How to open hidden files in Windows XP?

There are a few fairly easy ways, we offer you two.

  1. A single click of the left mouse button or touchpad on the Start menu, then the Control Panel, an incredible amount of points will appear there. You find the “Folder Options” and double-click on it with the left mouse button (touchpad). In the opened window with folder properties we need to select the “View” tab and check the box “Show hidden files and folders”. After that, we complete this stage by clicking “Apply”, followed by “OK”.Hidden files in Windows. How to find, open and configure access
  2. Double-click the left mouse button (touchpad) to open "My Computer" (for speed, you can use the hotkeys Win + E). In the window that opens, we find the item “Service” on the top panel, and the familiar “Folder Property”. Then repeat the corresponding steps of the first method.


How to open hidden files in Windows 7?

For Windows7, these methods are almost the same as in the case of Windows XP, but there are still certain subtleties that need to be specified. They consist in the sequence of menu items. We enter the "Start", select "Control Panel", then the item "Appearance and Personalization", and there we find "Folder Options" and there you have to choose the most important sub-item - "Show hidden files and folders".Hidden files in Windows. How to find, open and configure access

In case you use the explorer to display the menu items on the top panel of the opened window “My Computer” you need to press the Alt button. And there already, in the case of Windows XP, we go along the path “Service” - “Folder Settings” and beyond.

How to open hidden files on a flash drive?

If you have done the described methods for Windows (XP and 7), and the flash drive is still empty or there is not enough information, it means the problem is in the viruses.

We also need to uncheck the box "Hide protected system files" ("Folder Options" - "View"). After that, use the Total Commander application. In the upper part of the window we find the item "Configuration", then "Settings", and in a new window (the menu with the column) - "Panel content". We put marks on the item “Show hidden / system files”, insert the USB-drive into the port,select the invisible files, and in the top panel, through the “Files” menu, uncheck the “System” and “Hidden” items.Hidden files in Windows. How to find, open and configure access

Remember that stealth information in Windows is provided for your safety. Use these tips wisely.

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