Holidays in Anapa with the whole family

We rest and are treated

Anapa - one of the best resorts on the Black Sea coast. The sand of its beaches acts on the body as a quartz lamp, driving away ailments and stimulating immunity. Sea air, salt water and sunbathing are also beneficial to health, and in the local sanatoriums they offer treatment with mud and mineral water.

There are no problems with entertainment in Anapa either. Here is the best in Russia aqua park �Golden Beach�, it has eleven slides and lots of other dizzying rides. There are numerous cafes and restaurants at the service of tourists, where there is a walk, admire the nature, go shopping.

Around and around

You can relax not only in Anapa itself, but also in its suburbs. For example, the resort village Dzhemete - an ideal place for families with children. Sukko is a town surrounded by mountains and relict forests. And going to Vityazevo, you will get to the village, where the architecture and the general atmosphere are imbued with the spirit of ancient Greece.

Travel and accommodation

From Moscow to Anapa can be reached by plane or train.

Find a temporary shelter in Anapa is not difficult. Here most of the houses are private, so, having walked the streets, you will surely rent a room at a reasonable price.

Prices per day in hotels range from 1000 to 2000 rubles per person with breakfast. In guest houses and mini-hotels from 300 to 2000 rubles per person. In the private sector from 300 rubles per guest. Meals in cafes in Anapa will cost you about 1000 rubles per person.

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