Home gym - how is it?

Home gym - how is it?

Every woman wants to be slim and have a beautiful figure. Girls and women are ready to starve and go to the gym. But to allocate time to go to the gym is not always obtained. In this case, you can arrange your own gym at home. If you seriously decide to do your own body, you can find a place even in a small apartment: put one or two simulators in the corridor, on the balcony, in the corner of the room. It's easier, of course, to solve the problem for those who have no problems with square meters - you can even take a whole room under the simulators, but a couple of "squares" are enough.

What exercise equipment you will need.

To arrange a gym at home,huge amounts are not required. For the most modest sports corner will need dumbbells. It is better to buy collapsible, the weight of which can be adjusted. They look like barbells in miniature. With such a simple device you can perfectly work the muscles of the arms, chest and back.And performing exercises for the legs to use dumbbells as weighting. To strengthen the muscles of the legs, you can buy a step platform. Already with this set you can achieve excellent results.

It would be nice to get an exercise bike or a treadmill, an elliptical trainer works well. Not necessarily to buy expensive equipment. Usually high prices for models for professional or semi-professional use. Of course, they are more reliable, but they are also designed for loads that you cannot provide for them at home, even if you are engaged in the whole family.

Which of these simulators to choose? Everyone decides for themselves. All of them are good, but each type of equipment loads its own muscle group more. Exercise bikes are compact and easy to handle. Many models: from ordinary to horizontal (ideal for varicose expansion). They train the muscles of the legs and buttocks, perfectly strengthen the cardio-respiratory system (heart and lungs). Take a little space and stand a little, but you will have to work your back and arms with dumbbells.

Treadmills train all muscles, in addition, there are two modes of operation: walking and running.You can keep fit regardless of the weather and the season. Even more effective elliptical trainers here are loaded even the muscles of the hands and chest. But this equipment has a fairly high cost, and it takes a decent place (at least two "squares").

As you can see, the gym at home is not difficult and not always expensive. Make yourself a health corner, and be beautiful!

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